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String::Random - Perl module to generate random strings based on a pattern River stage two • 51 direct dependents • 63 total dependents

This module makes it trivial to generate random strings. As an example, let's say you are writing a script that needs to generate a random password for a user. The relevant code might look something like this: use String::Random; my $pass = String::R...

SHLOMIF/String-Random-0.32 - 14 Sep 2021 05:17:55 UTC

Data::Random::String - Perl extension for creating random strings River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Data::Random::String provides a simple interface for generating random strings that contain numeric, alpha or alphanumeric characters....

MAKIS/Data-Random-String-0.03 - 05 Jan 2007 01:04:49 UTC

String::Random::NiceURL - random ID strings suitable for URLs. River stage zero No dependents

This module allows you to create sparse and distributed IDs such as those used for YouTube videos. It uses the modified base 64 character set so that the IDs are suitable for use in URLs. It also makes sure that the first and last chars of your ID ar...

CHILTS/String-Random-NiceURL-0.02 - 09 Aug 2010 00:05:21 UTC

Metabrik::String::Random - string::random Brik River stage zero No dependents

GOMOR/Metabrik-Repository-1.44 - 11 Aug 2023 15:22:31 UTC

lib/Test/RandomCheck/Types/ River stage zero No dependents

HIRATARA/Test-RandomCheck-0.03 - 02 Oct 2016 23:39:21 UTC

String::MkPasswd - random password generator River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

The exportable "mkpasswd()" function returns a single scalar: a random password. By default, this password is nine characters long with a random distribution of four lower-case characters, two upper-case characters, two digits, and one non-alphanumer...

CGRAU/String-MkPasswd-0.05 - 20 Oct 2013 12:47:51 UTC

String::Urandom - An alternative to using /dev/random River stage zero No dependents

Using output from /dev/urandom. Simply convert bytes into 8-bit characters....

MBROOKS/String-Urandom-0.16 - 03 May 2011 21:52:39 UTC

String::Koremutake - Convert to/from Koremutake Memorable Random Strings River stage zero No dependents

The String::Koremutake module converts to and from Koremutake Memorable Random Strings. The term "Memorable Random String" was thought up by Sean B. Palmer as a name for those strings like dopynl, glargen, glonknic, spoopwiddle, and kebble etc. that ...

LBROCARD/String-Koremutake-0.30 - 03 Apr 2005 23:16:35 UTC

String::Ident - clean-up string to be used as identifier and in URLs River stage zero No dependents

clean-up string to be used as identifier and in URLs...

JKUTEJ/String-Ident-0.03 - 07 Dec 2016 18:42:23 UTC

String::Mutate - extensible chaining of string modifiers River stage zero No dependents

There comes a time in every data munger's career when he needs to muck up the data. This module is designed to make it easy to code up your own special wecial, tasty-wasty string mucker-uppers. It comes with the mucker-uppers you saw in the SYNOPSIS....

TBONE/String-Mutate-1.112140 - 02 Aug 2011 21:22:30 UTC

String::Markov - A Moo-based, text-oriented Markov Chain module River stage zero No dependents

String::Markov is a Moo-based Markov Chain module, designed to easily consume and produce text....

GMATHEWS/String-Markov-0.009 - 27 Dec 2014 02:55:56 UTC

String::Blender - flexible vocabulary-based generator of compound words (e.g. domain names). River stage zero No dependents

"String::Blender" is an OO implementation of random generator of compound words based on one or more priority driven word vocabularies. Originally the module was created for the purpose of constructing new attractive thematic domain names. Later it w...

SKORIKOV/String-Blender-0.04 - 22 Jul 2009 09:30:37 UTC

String::PerlIdentifier - Generate a random name for a Perl variable River stage zero No dependents

This module automatically exports a single subroutine, "make_varname()", which returns a string composed of random characters that qualifies as the name for a Perl variable. The characters are limited to upper- and lower-case letters in the English a...

JKEENAN/String-PerlIdentifier-0.06 - 14 Nov 2016 18:33:08 UTC

String::Tagged::Terminal - format terminal output using String::Tagged River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

This subclass of String::Tagged provides a method, "build_terminal", for outputting the formatting tags embedded in the string as terminal escape sequences, to render the the output in the appropriate style....

PEVANS/String-Tagged-Terminal-0.06 - 06 Feb 2023 15:35:34 UTC

String::Compare::ConstantTime - Timing side-channel protected string compare River stage two • 3 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

This module provides one function, "equals" (not exported by default). You should pass this function two strings of the same length. Just like perl's "eq", it will return true if they are string-wise identical and false otherwise. However, comparing ...

FRACTAL/String-Compare-ConstantTime-0.321 - 17 Jun 2019 13:33:11 UTC

String::Binary::Interpolation River stage zero No dependents

Make it easier to interpolate binary bytes into a string...

DCANTRELL/String-Binary-Interpolation-1.0.0 - 20 Nov 2020 18:47:25 UTC

Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::String - A character string to be evolved. Useful mainly in word games River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

String Individual for a evolutionary algorithm. Contains methods to handle strings easily. It is also TIEd so that strings can be handled as arrays....

JMERELO/Algorithm-Evolutionary-0.82.1 - 29 Mar 2021 11:30:17 UTC
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