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Sub::Exporter - a sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines River stage four • 333 direct dependents • 5639 total dependents

ACHTUNG! If you're not familiar with Exporter or exporting, read Sub::Exporter::Tutorial first! Why Generators? The biggest benefit of Sub::Exporter over existing exporters (including the ubiquitous is its ability to build new coderefs f...

RJBS/Sub-Exporter-0.989 - 01 Jan 2023 00:35:04 UTC

Sub::Exporter::Util - utilities to make Sub::Exporter easier River stage four • 333 direct dependents • 5639 total dependents

This module provides a number of utility functions for performing common or useful operations when setting up a Sub::Exporter configuration. All of the utilities may be exported, but none are by default....

RJBS/Sub-Exporter-0.989 - 01 Jan 2023 00:35:04 UTC

Sub::Exporter::Simple - just export some subs River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This module is basically just a macro for: use Sub::Exporter -setup => { exports => [ qw( function1 function2 function3 ) ] }; I made it because i found myself in the situation of wanting to simply export some subs in a number of modules, but not wan...

MITHALDU/Sub-Exporter-Simple-1.103210 - 17 Nov 2010 06:50:58 UTC

Sub::Exporter::Lexical - to export lexically-available subs with Sub::Exporter River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Sub::Exporter::Lexical provides an alternate installer for Sub::Exporter. Installers are documented in Sub::Exporter's documentation; all you need to know is that by using Sub::Exporter::Lexical's installer, you can import routines into a lexical sco...

RJBS/Sub-Exporter-Lexical-1.000 - 24 Mar 2023 15:18:16 UTC

Sub::Exporter::ForMethods - helper routines for using Sub::Exporter to build methods River stage four • 27 direct dependents • 1719 total dependents

The synopsis section, above, looks almost indistinguishable from any other use of Sub::Exporter, apart from the use of "method_installer". It is nearly indistinguishable in behavior, too. The only change is that subroutines exported from Method::Buil...

RJBS/Sub-Exporter-ForMethods-0.100055 - 31 Dec 2022 21:55:17 UTC

Sub::Exporter::Progressive - Only use Sub::Exporter if you need it River stage four • 32 direct dependents • 7985 total dependents

Sub::Exporter is an incredibly powerful module, but with that power comes great responsibility, er- as well as some runtime penalties. This module is a "Sub::Exporter" wrapper that will let your users just use Exporter if all they are doing is pickin...

FREW/Sub-Exporter-Progressive-0.001013 - 21 Oct 2016 15:49:03 UTC

Sub::Exporter::GlobExporter - export shared globs with Sub::Exporter collectors River stage three • 1 direct dependent • 815 total dependents

RJBS/Sub-Exporter-GlobExporter-0.006 - 31 Dec 2022 21:56:44 UTC

Exporter::Declare::Magic::Sub - Export class for subs which are exported. River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

Export class for subs which are exported. Overrides inject() in order to hook into Devel::Declare on parsed exports....

EXODIST/Exporter-Declare-Magic-0.107 - 23 Mar 2013 16:04:55 UTC

Exporter::Declare::Export::Sub - Export class for subs which are exported. River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 96 total dependents

Currently does not do anything Exporter::Declare::Export does not....

EXODIST/Exporter-Declare-0.114 - 23 Jun 2015 21:02:20 UTC

Sub::Import - import routines from most anything using Sub::Exporter River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Sub::Import is the companion to Sub::Exporter. You can use Sub::Import to get Sub::Exporter-like import semantics, even if the library you're importing from used The synopsis above should say it all. Where you would usually say: use Some...

RJBS/Sub-Import-1.002 - 31 Dec 2022 22:00:42 UTC

Mock::Sub - Mock package, object and standard subroutines, with unit testing in mind. River stage two • 15 direct dependents • 28 total dependents

Easy to use and very lightweight module for mocking out sub calls. Very useful for testing areas of your own modules where getting coverage may be difficult due to nothing to test against, and/or to reduce test run time by eliminating the need to cal...

STEVEB/Mock-Sub-1.09 - 28 Dec 2017 20:08:36 UTC

Sub::Clone - Clone subroutine refs for garbage collection/blessing purposes River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

A surprising fact about Perl is that anonymous subroutines that do not close over variables are actually shared, and do not garbage collect until global destruction: sub get_callback { return sub { "hi!" }; } my $first = get_callback(); my $second = ...

NUFFIN/Sub-Clone-0.03 - 14 Sep 2008 15:47:06 UTC

Sub::Inject - Inject subroutines into a lexical scope River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This module allows to dynamically inject lexical subs during compilation. It is implemented using lexical subroutines introduced in perl 5.18. This is a low level library. It is meant for cases where subroutine names and bodies are to be treated as d...

FERREIRA/Sub-Inject-0.3.0 - 22 Sep 2017 01:59:54 UTC

Sub::Stubber - Self-monkeypatch your on demand. River stage zero No dependents

MNUNBERG/Sub-Stubber-0.04 - 06 Jan 2012 20:53:15 UTC

Sub::Install - install subroutines into packages easily River stage four • 90 direct dependents • 6587 total dependents

This module makes it easy to install subroutines into packages without the unsightly mess of "no strict" or typeglobs lying about where just anyone can see them....

RJBS/Sub-Install-0.929 - 31 Dec 2022 20:59:25 UTC

Sub::Uplevel - apparently run a function in a higher stack frame River stage four • 22 direct dependents • 9408 total dependents

Like Tcl's uplevel() function, but not quite so dangerous. The idea is just to fool caller(). All the really naughty bits of Tcl's uplevel() are avoided. THIS IS NOT THE SORT OF THING YOU WANT TO DO EVERYDAY uplevel uplevel $num_frames, \&func, @args...

DAGOLDEN/Sub-Uplevel-0.2800 - 01 Apr 2017 17:32:42 UTC

Sub::Quotelike - Allow to define quotelike functions River stage zero No dependents

This module allows to define quotelike functions, that mimic the syntax of the builtin operators "q()", "qq()", "qw()", etc. To define a quotelike function that interpolates quoted text, use the new "(")" prototype. For non-interpolating functions, u...

RGARCIA/Sub-Quotelike-0.03 - 17 Feb 2002 21:40:12 UTC

Sub::Frequency - Run code blocks according to a given probability River stage zero No dependents

This module provides a small DSL to deal with an event's frequency, or likelihood of happening. Potential aplications include games, pseudo-random events and anything that may or may not run with a given probability....

GARU/Sub-Frequency-0.05 - 25 Nov 2012 03:52:59 UTC

Sub::Signatures - Use proper signatures for subroutines, including dispatching. River stage zero No dependents

WARNING: Not backwards-compatible to Sub::Signatures 0.11. One of the strongest complaints about Perl is its poor argument handling. Simply passing everything in the @_ array is a serious limitation. This module aims to rectify that. With this module...

OVID/Sub-Signatures-0.21 - 03 Dec 2005 17:51:39 UTC

Devel::Sub::Which - Name information about sub calls à la can in UNIVERSAL and <which(1)>. River stage zero No dependents

I don't like the perl debugger. I'd rather print debug statements as I go along, mostly saying "i'm going to do so and so", so I know what to look for when stuff breaks. I also like to make extensive use of polymorphism. Due to the richness of Perl's...

NUFFIN/Devel-Sub-Which-0.05 - 24 Jul 2008 17:23:10 UTC
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