Sub::Signatures - Use proper signatures for subroutines, including dispatching. River stage zero No dependents

WARNING: Not backwards-compatible to Sub::Signatures 0.11. One of the strongest complaints about Perl is its poor argument handling. Simply passing everything in the @_ array is a serious limitation. This module aims to rectify that. With this module...

OVID/Sub-Signatures-0.21 - 03 Dec 2005 17:51:39 UTC

Sub::Go - DWIM sub blocks for smart matching River stage zero No dependents

In case you don't know, smart matching ("~~") data against a code block will run the block once (for scalars) or, distributively, many times for arrays and hashes: [1..10] ~~ sub { say shift }; @arr ~~ sub { say shift }; %h ~~ sub { ... }; The motiva...

RODRIGO/Sub-Go-0.01 - 11 Jul 2011 09:05:54 UTC

Kavorka::Sub - a function that has been declared River stage two • 20 direct dependents • 35 total dependents

Kavorka::Sub is a role which represents a function declared using Kavorka. Classes implementing this role are used to parse functions, and also to inject Perl code into them. Instances of classes implementing this role are also returned by Kavorka's ...

TOBYINK/Kavorka-0.039 - 27 Jul 2018 17:58:13 UTC

Sub::SymMethod - symbiotic methods; methods that act a little like BUILD and DEMOLISH River stage two • 1 direct dependent • 10 total dependents

Sub::SymMethod creates hierarchies of methods so that when you call one, all the methods in the inheritance chain (including ones defined in roles) are invoked. They are invoked from the most basal class to the most derived class. Methods defined in ...

TOBYINK/Sub-SymMethod-0.005 - 28 Oct 2020 00:10:13 UTC

Sub::MultiMethod - yet another implementation of multimethods River stage two • 1 direct dependent • 10 total dependents

Sub::Multimethod focusses on implementing the dispatching of multimethods well and is less concerned with providing a nice syntax for setting them up. That said, the syntax provided is inspired by Moose's "has" keyword and hopefully not entirely horr...

TOBYINK/Sub-MultiMethod-0.902 - 15 Nov 2020 15:09:07 UTC

Sub::Attribute::Prototype - polyfill for :prototype attribute on older perls River stage zero No dependents

This polyfill allows a module to use the ":prototype" function attribute to apply a prototype to a function, even on perls too old to natively support it. Perl version 5.20 introduced the ":prototype" attribute, as part of the wider work surrounding ...

PEVANS/Sub-Attribute-Prototype-0.01 - 29 Jun 2020 13:00:59 UTC

Sub::Multi::Tiny::Dispatcher::TypeParams - Dispatcher-maker using Type::Params for Sub::Multi::Tiny River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

CXW/Sub-Multi-Tiny-0.000012 - 24 Sep 2019 01:54:49 UTC
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