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Term::Drawille - Draw to your terminal using Braille characters River stage zero No dependents

Text::Drawille makes use of Braille characters to allow you to draw lines, circles, pictures, etc, to your terminal with a surprising amount of precision. It's based on a Python library (<>); its page has some scre...

RHOELZ/Term-Drawille-0.01 - 24 May 2014 06:51:54 UTC

Term::Graille - Graphical Display in the terminal using UTF8 Braille characters River stage zero No dependents

Inspired by Drawille by asciimoo, which has many variants (including a perl variant Term::Drawille by RHOELZ), this is a clone with a few extras. The goal is to achieve performance and features. with built-in turtle-like graphics, line and curve draw...

SAIFTYNET/Term-Graille-0.10 - 04 Dec 2022 17:49:00 UTC
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