Term::ProgressBar - provide a progress meter on a standard terminal River stage two • 26 direct dependents • 37 total dependents

Term::ProgressBar provides a simple progress bar on the terminal, to let the user know that something is happening, roughly how much stuff has been done, and maybe an estimate at how long remains. A typical use sets up the progress bar with a number ...

MANWAR/Term-ProgressBar-2.22 - 12 May 2018 09:01:52 UTC

Term::ProgressBar::IO - Display a progress bar while reading from a seekable filehandle River stage two • 26 direct dependents • 37 total dependents

Displays a progress bar using Term::ProgressBar which corresponds to reading from a filehandle. This module inherits from Term::ProgressBar and has all of its options....

MANWAR/Term-ProgressBar-2.22 - 12 May 2018 09:01:52 UTC

Term::ProgressBar::Quiet - Provide a progress meter if run interactively River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 7 total dependents

Term::ProgressBar is a wonderful module for showing progress bars on the terminal. This module acts very much like that module when it is run interactively. However, when it is not run interactively (for example, as a cron job) then it does not show ...

LBROCARD/Term-ProgressBar-Quiet-0.31 - 11 Dec 2007 16:08:24 UTC

Term::ProgressBar::Simple - simpler progress bars River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

Progress bars are handy - they tell you how much work has been done, how much is left to do and estimate how long it will take. But they can be fiddly! This module does the right thing in almost all cases in a really convenient way....

EVDB/Term-ProgressBar-Simple-0.03 - 24 Feb 2009 12:41:55 UTC

Pcore::Util::Term::Progress::Indicator::Bar River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

ZDM/Pcore-v0.139.0 - 14 Jul 2020 14:12:56 UTC

Term::Sk - Perl extension for displaying a progress indicator on a terminal. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

Format strings The first parameter to new() is the format string which contains the following special characters: characters '%d' a revolving dash, format '/-\|' characters '%t' time elapsed, format 'hh:mm:ss' characters '%b' progress bar, format '##...

KEICHNER/Term-Sk-0.18 - 01 Nov 2015 18:55:10 UTC

Term::Emit - Print with indentation, status, and closure River stage zero No dependents

The "Term::Emit" package is used to print balanced and nested messages with a completion status. These messages indent easily within each other, autocomplete on scope exit, are easily parsed, may be bulleted, can be filtered, and even can show status...

ROSCIO/Term-Emit-0.0.4 - 12 Sep 2012 19:16:24 UTC

Term::Activity - Process Activity Display Module River stage zero No dependents

The information displayed is the current time processed (measured since the instancing of the module), the number of actions second, a text-graphic indicator of activity (skinnable), and the total count of actions thus far. An example output (on a sm...

BENNIE/Term-Activity-1.21 - 06 Jan 2022 18:42:37 UTC
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