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Test::FailWarnings - Add test failures if warnings are caught River stage four • 117 direct dependents • 2281 total dependents

This module hooks $SIG{__WARN__} and converts warnings to Test::More "fail()" calls. It is designed to be used with "done_testing", when you don't need to know the test count in advance. Just as with Test::NoWarnings, this does not catch warnings if ...

DAGOLDEN/Test-FailWarnings-0.008 - 25 Sep 2013 18:10:19 UTC

Test::Kit - Build custom test packages with only the features you want River stage two • 6 direct dependents • 52 total dependents

Test::Kit allows you to create a single module in your project which gives you access to all of the testing functions you want. Its primary goal is to reduce boilerplate code that is currently littering the top of all your test files. It also allows ...

KAORU/Test-Kit-2.16 - 25 Jul 2023 17:03:40 UTC

Test::Warnings - Test for warnings and the lack of them River stage five • 260 direct dependents • 13958 total dependents

If you've ever tried to use Test::NoWarnings to confirm there are no warnings generated by your tests, combined with the convenience of "done_testing" to not have to declare a test count, you'll have discovered that these two features do not play wel...

ETHER/Test-Warnings-0.032 - 30 Sep 2023 23:37:55 UTC
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