Test::ISBN - Check International Standard Book Numbers River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This is the 2.x version of Test::ISBN and works with Business::ISBN 2.x. Functions isbn_ok( STRING | ISBN ) Ok is the STRING is a valid ISBN, in any format that Business::ISBN accepts. This function only checks the checksum. The publisher and country...

BDFOY/Test-ISBN-2.043 - 09 Jan 2022 03:50:10 UTC

Test::Singleton - Test for Singleton classes River stage zero No dependents

** If you are unfamiliar with testing read Test::Tutorial first! ** This is asimple, basic module for checking whether a class is a Singleton. A Singleton describes an object class that can have only one instance in any system. An example of a Single...

TPG/Test-Singleton-1.02 - 15 Feb 2006 20:25:24 UTC

Test::Pcuke::Manual - is a proto manual for Test::Pcuke package. River stage zero No dependents

CRUSOE/Test-Pcuke-0.000006 - 03 Dec 2011 12:00:57 UTC

Plack::App::DAIA::Test::Suite - Test DAIA Servers via a test scripting language River stage zero No dependents

VOJ/Plack-App-DAIA-0.55 - 24 Jan 2014 09:37:58 UTC
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