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Test::More - yet another framework for writing test scripts River stage five • 22755 direct dependents • 32375 total dependents

STOP! If you're just getting started writing tests, have a look at Test2::Suite first. This is a drop in replacement for Test::Simple which you can switch to once you get the hang of basic testing. The purpose of this module is to provide a wide rang...

EXODIST/Test-Simple-1.302194 - 14 Mar 2023 03:08:58 UTC

src/inc/Test/ River stage zero No dependents

NOG/AFS-2.6.4 - 27 Oct 2014 13:11:37 UTC

Test::More::UTF8 - Enhancing Test::More for UTF8-based projects River stage four • 29 direct dependents • 1271 total dependents

MONS/Test-More-UTF8-0.05 - 24 Jun 2017 21:09:52 UTC

Test::Mojo::More - Test::Mojo and more. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Test::Mojo::More is an extension for the Test::Mojo which allows you to test Mojo and Mojolicious applications....

COOLMEN/Test-Mojo-More-0.061 - 14 Mar 2016 18:51:13 UTC

Test::JSON::More - JSON Test Utility River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Test::JSON::More is the utility for testing JSON string. SWITCH JSON MODULES By default, Test::JSON::More use JSON module for encoding/decoding JSON. If you would like to use an another JSON module in the test, then you can specify it at loading "Tes...

BAYASHI/Test-JSON-More-0.02 - 28 Apr 2016 01:29:13 UTC

Test::More::Hooks - It provides before/after hooks of subtest. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Test::More::Hooks is simply testing module. This provides only before/after hooks for Test::More::subtest based test cases....

AINAME/Test-More-Hooks-0.12 - 31 May 2013 07:08:52 UTC

Test::Moose::More - More tools for testing Moose packages River stage three • 22 direct dependents • 127 total dependents

This package contains a number of additional tests that can be employed against Moose classes/roles. It is intended to replace Test::Moose in your tests, and re-exports any tests that it has and we do not, yet. Export Groups By default, this package ...

RSRCHBOY/Test-Moose-More-0.050 - 21 Sep 2017 03:44:20 UTC

Test::More::Color - Very stupid TAP colorer River stage zero No dependents

COOLMEN/Test-More-Color-0.04 - 14 May 2013 04:10:37 UTC

Test::More::Unlike - show the matched position River stage zero No dependents

When "unlike" test fails, if you have used Test::More::Unlike, then the error diag shows additionally the matched position like below. # matched at line: 1, offset: 3 NOTE that it is only first matched position. And offset count is calculated as octe...

BAYASHI/Test-More-Unlike-0.03 - 07 Sep 2013 09:29:56 UTC

Test::Legacy::More - Test::More wrapper for use with Test::Legacy River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Both Test::Legacy and Test::More export functions called ok(), skip() and plan(). When you use them together you have to tell Test::More not to export those functions. use Test::Legacy; use Test::More import => [qw(!ok !skip !plan)]; Since the purpos...

MSCHWERN/Test-Legacy-1.2502 - 10 Oct 2005 02:19:23 UTC

Test::More::Strict - Enforce policies on test results River stage zero No dependents

"Test::More::Strict" allows policies for test results to be enforced. For example you may require that all tests have a non-blank description. You could achieve that like this: # Enforce non-blank test description use Test::More::Strict description =...

ANDYA/Test-More-Strict-0.02 - 09 Jun 2008 19:12:08 UTC

Test::More::Prefix - Prefix some test output River stage zero No dependents

Inject a prefix in to Test::Builder's informational output. Useful for providing context in noisy and repetitive tests...

SARGIE/Test-More-Prefix-0.007 - 29 Apr 2016 03:58:27 UTC

Test::More::Behaviour - BDD module for Perl River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Test::More::Behaviour is a Behaviour-Driven Development module for Perl programmers. It is modeled after Rspec (, the BDD tool for Ruby programmers. Because Test::More::Behaviour uses Test::More as its 'base', you can treat every Te...

BOSTON/Test-More-Behaviour-1.0.1 - 26 Jul 2013 23:43:39 UTC

Test::More::Behaviours - Group Test::More assertions into behaviours River stage zero No dependents

this module facilitate the grouping of Test::More assertions into Behaviours. This make the test easier to read and maintain as the assertions are logically grouped and dont' form a long list hard to the eye and prone to confusion. It will also make ...

RIJA/Test-More-Behaviours-v0.0.4 - 04 Oct 2008 18:07:46 UTC

Test::JavaScript::More - test javascript code River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This module provides Test::More-like function for JavaScript (the current implementation just imports some of Test::More's functions into JavaScript space). Everything below the "use Test::JavaScript::More" line will be interpreted as JavaScript. You...

CLAESJAC/JavaScript-1.16 - 20 Feb 2010 22:09:48 UTC

Test::More::Diagnostic - Conditionally add YAML diagnostics to Test::More's output River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

Upgrades Test::More's output to TAP version 13. See for more information about YAML diagnostics. This module is completely experimental, kludgy and likely to fall out of favour once Test::M...

ANDYA/Test-More-Diagnostic-0.2 - 05 Oct 2007 21:33:24 UTC

Test::Moose::More::Utils - Various utility functions for TMM (and maybe others!) River stage three • 22 direct dependents • 127 total dependents

RSRCHBOY/Test-Moose-More-0.050 - 21 Sep 2017 03:44:20 UTC

Test::WWW::Selenium::More - More tools for Selenium testing River stage zero No dependents

This module provides method chaining and some useful tools for Selenium testing. If you are new to this module or Selenium testing in general, see the Test::WWW::Selenium::More::Manual. This library extends Test::WWW::Selenium. Method chaining is ava...

KABLAMO/Test-WWW-Selenium-More-0.12 - 17 May 2012 12:41:46 UTC

lib/Test/More/ River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

INGY/Test-More-YAMLScript-0.0.5 - 25 Jul 2022 15:57:51 UTC

lib/Test/More/ River stage zero No dependents

INGY/Test-More-Bash-0.0.4 - 05 Aug 2022 20:19:04 UTC
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