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Test::WWW::Mechanize::PSGI - Test PSGI programs using WWW::Mechanize River stage two • 36 direct dependents • 77 total dependents

PSGI is a specification to decouple web server environments from web application framework code. Test::WWW::Mechanize is a subclass of WWW::Mechanize that incorporates features for web application testing. The Test::WWW::Mechanize::PSGI module meshes...

OALDERS/Test-WWW-Mechanize-PSGI-0.39 - 22 Mar 2019 13:18:45 UTC

Jifty::Test - Jifty's test module River stage two • 33 direct dependents • 33 total dependents

Jifty::Test is a superset of Test::More. It provides all of Test::More's functionality in addition to the class methods defined below....

ALEXMV/Jifty-1.50430 - 30 Apr 2015 20:48:27 UTC

Plack::Test::Agent - OO interface for testing low-level Plack/PSGI apps River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 8 total dependents

OALDERS/Plack-Test-Agent-1.5 - 06 Oct 2020 00:55:12 UTC

Test::WWW::Mechanize::Dancer - Wrapper to easily use Test::WWW::Mechanize with your Dancer apps River stage zero No dependents

This is a simple wrapper that lets you test your Dancer apps using Test::WWW::Mechanize....

WWOLF/Test-WWW-Mechanize-Dancer-0.0100 - 16 Feb 2014 22:56:10 UTC

Plack::Middleware::Test::StashWarnings - Test your application's warnings River stage zero No dependents

Plack::Middleware::Test::StashWarnings is a Plack middleware component to record warnings generated by your application so that you can test them to make sure your application complains about the right things. The warnings generated by your applicati...

ALEXMV/Plack-Middleware-Test-StashWarnings-0.08 - 16 May 2014 23:36:15 UTC
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