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Text::FixedLength::Extra - various niceties for Text::FixedLength lovers. River stage zero No dependents

Right now, Text::FixedLength::Extra does two things for those who like using Text::FixedLength - simpler API and extended number processing. Simplified API to Text::FixedLength A function, fixedlength() has been created which should make it easier to...

TKEEFER/Text-FixedLength-Extra-1.1 - 04 Oct 2006 14:43:57 UTC

Text::FixedLengthMultiline - Parse text data formatted in space separated columns optionnaly on multiple lines River stage zero No dependents

A row of data can be splitted on multiple lines of text with cell content flowing in the same column space....

DOLMEN/Text-FixedLengthMultiline-0.071 - 14 Nov 2011 21:23:36 UTC
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