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Tie::AliasHash - Hash with aliases key (multiple keys, one value) River stage zero No dependents

Tie::AliasHash creates hashes that can have multiple keys for a single value. This means that some keys are just 'aliases' for other keys. The example shown in the synopsys above creates a key 'foo' and an alias key 'bar'. The two keys share the same...

ACALPINI/Tie-AliasHash-1.02 - 11 Mar 2016 18:17:22 UTC

Tie::Alias::Hash - required by Tie::Alias::TIEHASH River stage zero No dependents

DAVIDNICO/Tie-Alias-Hash-0.01 - 26 Nov 2002 03:25:52 UTC

Tie::Alias - create aliases in pure perl River stage zero No dependents

the Tie::Alias TIESCALAR function takes one argument, which is a reference to the scalar which is to be aliased. Since version 1.0, the argument no longer needs to be a reference. In case the scalar is already tied, the alias gets tied to whatever th...

DAVIDNICO/Tie-Alias-1.01 - 04 Jun 2007 17:29:08 UTC
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