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Tie::Array::PackedC - Tie a Perl array to a C-style array (packed; elements of a single, simple data type) River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

Provides a perl array interface into a string containing a C style array. In other words the string is equivelent to the string that would be returned from the equivelent pack command (defaulting to pack type "l!") using a normal array of the same va...

YVES/Tie-Array-PackedC-0.03 - 14 Mar 2006 10:13:26 UTC

Tie::Array::Packed::Auto - auto uses Tie::Array::Packed or Tie::Array::PackedC River stage zero No dependents

This package loads Tie::Array::Packed when it is available. Otherwise, it loads Tie::Array::PackedC and sets up some wrappers in order to provide an API identical to that of Tie::Packed::Array....

SALVA/Tie-Array-Packed-Auto-0.03 - 11 Mar 2007 21:12:21 UTC

Tie::Array::Pack - An array implemented as a packed string River stage zero No dependents

One of the drawbacks for using Perl's native array is that it is a memory-hog. Normally it takes 20 bytes a scalar (16 bytes for scalar + overhead). This can be a problem when you need to handle millions of numbers in-memory. This module saves memory...

DANKOGAI/Tie-Array-Pack-0.02 - 22 Dec 2006 03:22:35 UTC

Tie::Array::Packed - store arrays in memory efficiently as packed strings River stage zero No dependents

This module provides an implementation for tied arrays that uses as storage a Perl scalar where all the values are packed as if the "pack" builtin had been used. All the values on a Tie::Array::Packed array are of the same value (integers, shorts, do...

SALVA/Tie-Array-Packed-0.13 - 10 Dec 2013 13:29:24 UTC
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