Time::Avail - A Perl module to calculate time availability. River stage zero No dependents

The timeAvailable function compares the time interval specified by timeStartStr, timeEndStr, and dayMask with the current day and time. timeAvailable returns 0 if the current day and time do not fall within the specified time interval, otherwise the ...

PSANTORO/Time-Avail-1.00 - 06 Jun 1999 15:40:15 UTC

Time::Available - Perl extension to calculate time availability River stage zero No dependents

Time::Available is used to calculate availability of some resource if start and end time of availability is supplied. Availability is calculated relative to some interval which is defined when new instance of module is created. Start and end dates mu...

DPAVLIN/Time-Available-0.05 - 28 Oct 2006 21:33:50 UTC
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