Tk::TiedListbox - gang together Listboxes River stage zero No dependents

TiedListbox causes two or more Listboxes to be operated in tandem. One application is emulating multi-column listboxes. The scrolling, selection, or both mechanisms may be tied together. The methods tie and untie are provided, along with overridden v...

ACH/Tk-Contrib-0.07 - 23 Sep 1998 09:54:37 UTC

Tk::Columns - A multicolumn list widget with sortable & sizeable columns River stage zero No dependents

Implements a multicolumn list with resizeable, scrollable columns and configurable sorting by column. Other features include column selection callbacks and row selection callbacks, global and per-column color and font selection, and column insertion ...

DKWILSON/Tk-DKW-0.03 - 26 Nov 1999 05:33:47 UTC
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