Tree::Fat - Perl Extension to Implement Fat-Node Trees River stage zero No dependents

Implements object-oriented trees using algorithms adapted from b-trees and AVL trees (without resorting to yucky C++). Fat-node trees are not the best for many niche applications but they do have excellent all-terrain performance. TYPE Speed Flexibil...

JPRIT/Tree-Fat-1.111 - 10 Mar 1999 16:10:50 GMT

Tree::Simple - A simple tree object River stage three • 17 direct dependents • 708 total dependents

This module in an fully object-oriented implementation of a simple n-ary tree. It is built upon the concept of parent-child relationships, so therefore every Tree::Simple object has both a parent and a set of children (who themselves may have childre...

RSAVAGE/Tree-Simple-1.33 - 06 Jan 2018 06:10:38 GMT

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