UNIVERSAL::canAUTOLOAD - installs a UNIVERSAL::can that respects AUTOLOAD subs River stage zero No dependents

Ever flying in the face of common sense, this module makes a special effort to make a section of "can" in UNIVERSAL false. For discussion of this need, consult this thread: http://london.pm.org/pipermail/london.pm/Week-of-Mon-20031020/022190.htm l...

RCLAMP/UNIVERSAL-canAUTOLOAD-0.01 - 10 Nov 2003 21:50:35 UTC

UNIVERSAL::which - tells fully qualified name of the method River stage zero No dependents

UNIVERSAL::which provides only one method, "which". As the name suggests, it returns the fully qualified name of a given method. Sometimes you want to know the true origin of a method but inheritance and AUTOLOAD gets in your way. This module does ju...

DANKOGAI/UNIVERSAL-which-0.06 - 15 May 2007 16:05:38 UTC
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