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Win32::ChangeNotify - Monitor events related to files and directories River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

This module allows the user to use a Win32 change notification event object from Perl. This allows the Perl program to monitor events relating to files and directory trees. Unfortunately, the Win32 API which implements this feature does not provide a...

CJM/Win32-IPC-1.11 - 15 Nov 2014 18:17:29 UTC

POE::Component::Win32::ChangeNotify - A POE wrapper around Win32::ChangeNotify. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

POE::Component::Win32::ChangeNotify is a POE wrapper around Win32::ChangeNotify that provides non-blocking change notify events to your POE sessions....

BINGOS/POE-Component-Win32-ChangeNotify-1.24 - 04 Apr 2017 17:43:27 UTC

Win32::IPC - Base class for Win32 synchronization objects River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

This module is loaded by the other Win32 synchronization modules. You shouldn't need to load it yourself. It supplies the wait functions to those modules. The synchronization modules are Win32::ChangeNotify, Win32::Event, Win32::Mutex, & Win32::Semap...

CJM/Win32-IPC-1.11 - 15 Nov 2014 18:17:29 UTC

Win32::FileNotify - Monitor file changes River stage zero No dependents

This is a wrapper around Win32::ChangeNotify. With Win32::FileNotify you can monitor one specific file and you get notified when the file has changed....

RENEEB/Win32-FileNotify-0.31 - 05 Aug 2010 15:34:58 UTC

Catalyst::Restarter::Win32 - Uses Proc::Background to manage process restarts River stage two • 27 direct dependents • 38 total dependents

This class uses Proc::Background, which in turn uses Win32::Process. The new process is run using the same command-line as the original script, but without any restart-based options. This is a big hack, but using forks just does not work on Windows....

HAARG/Catalyst-Devel-1.42 - 11 Sep 2020 12:33:48 UTC

Filesys::Notify::Win32::ReadDirectoryChanges - read/watch directory changes River stage zero No dependents

CORION/Filesys-Notify-Win32-ReadDirectoryChanges-0.04 - 17 Oct 2022 18:43:55 UTC
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