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Win32::ODBC - ODBC Extension for Win32 River stage zero No dependents

Background This is a hack of Dan DeMaggio's <> NTXS.C ODBC implementation. I have recoded and restructured most of it including most of the ODBC.PM package, but its very core is still based on Dan's code (thanks Dan!). The history of th...

JDB/Win32-ODBC-0.036 - 01 Sep 2020 03:34:17 UTC

Win32::Process::Info - Provide process information for Windows 32 systems. River stage zero No dependents

The main purpose of the Win32::Process::Info package is to get whatever information is convenient (for the author!) about one or more Windows 32 processes. "GetProcInfo" is therefore the most-important method in the package. See it for more informati...

PLICEASE/Win32-Process-Info-1.023 - 02 May 2021 14:30:34 UTC
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