Win32::SystemInfo - Memory and Processor information on Win32 systems River stage zero No dependents

MemoryStatus Win32::SystemInfo::MemoryStatus(%mHash,[$format]); %mHash - The hash that will receive the results. Certain values can be set prior to the call to retrieve a subset. (See below) $format - Optional parameter. Used to set the order of magn...

CJOHNSTON/Win32-SystemInfo-0.12 - 16 Feb 2013 17:50:46 UTC

Win32::SystemInfo::CpuUsage - Perl extension for getting CPU Usage in percentage River stage zero No dependents

In windows, there is no tool for querying CPU usage and print it in DOS prompt. Win32::SystemInfo::CpuUsage is designed for monitoring CPU usage and return the value in percentage. To calculate the percentage, it needs an interval of twice retrieving...

KXJ/Win32-SystemInfo-CpuUsage-0.02 - 22 Apr 2008 22:29:14 UTC
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