X11::XEvent - package to access XEvent structure fields River stage zero No dependents

This class/package provides an extension to perl that allows Perl programs read-only access to the XEvent structure. So. how do they get hold of an XEvent to read? Well, they use ANOTHER Perl extension that blesses pointers to XEvents into the XEvent...

MARTINB/Xforms4Perl-0.8.4--2 - 18 Jun 1998 11:58:51 GMT

Tcl::pTk::XEvent - Limited Support for perl/tk's XEvent in Tcl::pTk River stage zero No dependents

*Tcl::pTk::XEvent* provides (very) limited support for perl/tk's XEvent mechanism in Tcl::pTk. Currently it only provides support for the *x* and *y* calls. Other calls will generate an error message. For XEvent calls other than *x* and *y*, bindings...

CAC/Tcl-pTk-1.02 - 29 Jun 2019 17:55:29 GMT

X11::Xlib::XEvent - Polymorphic class for XEvent structures River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

This object wraps an XEvent. XEvent is a union of many different C structs, though they all share a few common fields. The storage space of an XEvent is constant regardless of type, and so this class is backed by a simple scalar ref. The active struc...

NERDVANA/X11-Xlib-0.18 - 06 Jun 2018 02:48:17 GMT

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