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XML::NamespaceSupport - A simple generic namespace processor River stage four • 14 direct dependents • 1611 total dependents

This module offers a simple to process namespaced XML names (unames) from within any application that may need them. It also helps maintain a prefix to namespace URI map, and provides a number of basic checks. The model for this module is SAX2's Name...

PERIGRIN/XML-NamespaceSupport-1.12 - 30 Mar 2017 20:51:31 UTC

XML::STX - a pure Perl STX processor River stage zero No dependents

XML::STX is a pure Perl implementation of STX processor. Streaming Transformations for XML (STX) is a one-pass transformation language for XML documents that builds on the Simple API for XML (SAX). See for more details. De...

PCIMPRICH/XML-STX-0.43 - 22 Dec 2004 13:54:46 UTC

XML::Simple - An API for simple XML files River stage three • 403 direct dependents • 644 total dependents

The XML::Simple module provides a simple API layer on top of an underlying XML parsing module (either XML::Parser or one of the SAX2 parser modules). Two functions are exported: "XMLin()" and "XMLout()". Note: you can explicitly request the lower cas...

GRANTM/XML-Simple-2.25 - 18 Mar 2018 03:19:24 UTC

Config::Any::XML - Load XML config files River stage three • 98 direct dependents • 743 total dependents

Loads XML files. Example: <config> <name>TestApp</name> <component name="Controller::Foo"> <foo>bar</foo> </component> <model name="Baz"> <qux>xyzzy</qux> </model> </config>...

HAARG/Config-Any-0.32 - 23 Apr 2017 21:53:11 UTC

XML::Filter::Normalize - Clean up SAX event streams River stage zero No dependents

This class implements a "clean up" filter for SAX events. It's mostly intended to be used by authors of SAX serializers (eg: XML::SAX::Writer, XML::Genx::SAXWriter). If the input event stream is incomplete in some fashion, it will attempt to correct ...

HDM/XML-Filter-Normalize-0.01 - 21 Oct 2005 20:58:14 UTC
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