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XML::TokeParser - Simplified interface to XML::Parser River stage two • 3 direct dependents • 12 total dependents

XML::TokeParser provides a procedural ("pull mode") interface to XML::Parser in much the same way that Gisle Aas' HTML::TokeParser provides a procedural interface to HTML::Parser. XML::TokeParser splits its XML input up into "tokens," each correspond...

PODMASTER/XML-TokeParser-0.05 - 09 Jun 2003 10:19:47 UTC

XML::Reader - Reading XML and providing path information based on a pull-parser. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

XML::Reader provides a simple and easy to use interface for sequentially parsing XML files (so called "pull-mode" parsing) and at the same time keeps track of the complete XML-path. It was developped as a wrapper on top of XML::Parser or XML::Parsepp...

KEICHNER/XML-Reader-0.67 - 21 Nov 2018 20:58:48 UTC

XML::Descent - Recursive descent XML parsing River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

The conventional models for parsing XML are either DOM (a data structure representing the entire document tree is created) or SAX (callbacks are issued for each element in the XML). XML grammar is recursive - so it's nice to be able to write recursiv...

ANDYA/XML-Descent-1.04 - 29 May 2009 20:46:21 UTC

XML::Records - Perlish record-oriented interface to XML River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

XML::Records provides a single interface for processing XML data on a stream-oriented, tree-oriented, or record-oriented basis. A subclass of XML::TokeParser, it adds methods to read "records" and tree fragments from XML documents. In many documents,...

EBOHLMAN/XML-Records-0.12 - 05 Nov 2001 18:29:39 UTC

XML::Parser::Expat::Dispatched - Automagically dispatches subs to XML::Parser::Expat handlers River stage zero No dependents

This package provides a "new" method that produces some dispatch methods for "set_handlers" in XML::Parser::Expat. If you were using XML::Parser::Expat for parsing your XML, you'd probably end up with something like this: use XML::Parser::Expat; my $...

PATPATPAT/XML-Parser-Expat-Dispatched-0.952 - 07 Nov 2013 02:57:45 UTC
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