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Crypt::Blowfish - Perl Blowfish encryption module River stage two • 35 direct dependents • 77 total dependents

Blowfish is capable of strong encryption and can use key sizes up to 56 bytes (a 448 bit key). You're encouraged to take advantage of the full key size to ensure the strongest encryption possible from this module. Crypt::Blowfish has the following me...

DPARIS/Crypt-Blowfish-2.14 - 23 Jul 2013 20:48:57 UTC

Crypt::Blowfish::Mod - Another Blowfish Algorithm River stage zero No dependents

Crypt::Blowfish::Mod implements the Blowfish algorithm using functions adapted from examples from Bruce Schneier and other authors. Crypt::Blowfish::Mod has an interface similar to Crypt::Blowfish, but produces different results. This module is endia...

RODRIGO/Crypt-Blowfish-Mod-0.05 - 01 Oct 2018 18:10:06 UTC

Crypt::Cipher::Blowfish - Symmetric cipher Blowfish, key size: 64-448 bits River stage three • 60 direct dependents • 235 total dependents

This module implements the Blowfish cipher. Provided interface is compliant with Crypt::CBC module. BEWARE: This module implements just elementary "one-block-(en|de)cryption" operation - if you want to encrypt/decrypt generic data you have to use som...

MIK/CryptX-0.077 - 21 Aug 2022 07:46:06 UTC

Crypt::OpenBSD::Blowfish - Perl extension for the OpenBSD Blowfish cipher implementation. River stage zero No dependents

This module is a wrapper for the OpenBSD implementation of the Blowfish cipher. The C source is taken from the portable OpenSSH source code....

SCHWIGON/Crypt-OpenBSD-Blowfish-0.01 - 23 Apr 2016 17:08:32 UTC

Crypt::OpenSSL::Blowfish - Blowfish Algorithm using OpenSSL River stage zero No dependents

Crypt::OpenSSL::Blowfish implements the Blowfish Algorithm using functions contained in the OpenSSL crypto library. Crypt::OpenSSL::Blowfish has an interface similar to Crypt::Blowfish, but produces different result than Crypt::Blowfish....

VKRAMSKIH/Crypt-OpenSSL-Blowfish-0.02 - 04 Jul 2009 06:45:14 UTC

Crypt::Eksblowfish::Blowfish - Blowfish block cipher via Eksblowfish engine River stage two • 18 direct dependents • 56 total dependents

An object of this type encapsulates a keyed instance of the Blowfish block cipher, ready to encrypt and decrypt. Blowfish is a symmetric cipher algorithm designed by Bruce Schneier in 1993. It operates on 64-bit blocks, and takes a variable-length ke...

ZEFRAM/Crypt-Eksblowfish-0.009 - 27 Apr 2011 20:09:55 UTC

Crypt::OpenSSL::Blowfish::CFB64 - Blowfish CFB64 Algorithm using OpenSSL River stage zero No dependents

Crypt::OpenSSL::Blowfish::CFB64 implements the Blowfish cipher algorithm in CFB mode, using function "BF_cfb64_encrypt" contained in the OpenSSL crypto library....

MONS/Crypt-OpenSSL-Blowfish-CFB64-0.01 - 16 Mar 2012 13:43:50 UTC

lib/XML/Comma/Storage/Output/ River stage zero No dependents

BRIANSKI/XML-Comma-1.998 - 12 Apr 2008 07:04:10 UTC

Net::SSH::Perl::Cipher::Blowfish - Wrapper for SSH Blowfish support River stage one • 9 direct dependents • 9 total dependents

*Net::SSH::Perl::Cipher::Blowfish* provides Blowfish encryption support for *Net::SSH::Perl*. To do so it wraps around *Crypt::Cipher::Blowfish* from the CryptX module. The blowfish used here is in CBC filter mode with a key length of 32 bytes. SSH1 ...

SCHWIGON/Net-SSH-Perl-2.14 - 24 Aug 2017 05:51:41 UTC

POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Blowfish - A POE::Component::IRC plugin that provides blowfish encryption. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Blowfish, is a POE::Component::IRC plugin that provides a mechanism for encrypting and decrypting IRC messages using Crypt::Blowfish_PP. If there is a blowfish key set for a IRC channel this plugin will always encrypt and...

PLU/POE-Component-IRC-Plugin-Blowfish-0.01 - 01 Sep 2007 20:25:04 UTC

Crypt::OpenPGP::Cipher - PGP symmetric cipher factory River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

*Crypt::OpenPGP::Cipher* is a factory class for PGP symmetric ciphers. All cipher objects are subclasses of this class and share a common interface; when creating a new cipher object, the object is blessed into the subclass to take on algorithm-speci...

SROMANOV/Crypt-OpenPGP-1.12 - 16 Aug 2015 11:35:42 UTC
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