AC::Daemon - daemon program utility functions. River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

SOLVE/AC-DC-1.1 - 21 Apr 2017 16:49:53 GMT

MP3::Daemon - a daemon that possesses mpg123 River stage zero No dependents

MP3::Daemon provides a framework for daemonizing mpg123 and communicating with this daemonized process using unix domain sockets. It provides an event loop that listens for client requests and also polls the mpg123 player to monitor its state and cha...

BEPPU/MP3-Daemon-0.63 - 03 Feb 2002 17:46:26 GMT

NRD::Daemon - NRD Nagios Result Distributor River stage zero No dependents

Daemon that attends NRD requests. Is a subclass of Net::Server. Project Home Page:

JLMARTIN/NRD-Daemon-0.04 - 08 Mar 2011 23:16:48 GMT

Net::Daemon - Perl extension for portable daemons River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Net::Daemon is an abstract base class for implementing portable server applications in a very simple way. The module is designed for Perl 5.005 and threads, but can work with fork() and Perl 5.004. The Net::Daemon class offers methods for the most co...

MNOONING/Net-Daemon-0.48 - 09 Mar 2011 17:54:49 GMT

App::Daemon - Start an Application as a Daemon River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

"App::Daemon" helps running an application as a daemon. The idea is that you prepend your script with the use App::Daemon qw( daemonize ); daemonize(); and 'daemonize' it that way. That means, that if you write use App::Daemon qw( daemonize ); daemon...

MSCHILLI/App-Daemon-0.22 - 25 Sep 2014 06:14:50 GMT

CTK::Daemon - Abstract class to implement Daemons River stage one • 7 direct dependents • 7 total dependents

Abstract class to implement Daemons FEATURES * Write PID file /var/run/$ to make sure only one instance is running. * Correctly daemonize (redirect STDIN/STDOUT) * Restart by stop/start, exec, or signal HUP * Daemon restart on error * Handle ...

ABALAMA/CTKlib-2.03 - 24 Mar 2020 07:38:26 GMT

Tak::Daemon - tools for doing daemon-like things with Tak River stage zero No dependents

MSTROUT/Tak-Daemon-0.001001 - 23 Dec 2011 08:25:38 GMT

JIP::Daemon - Daemonize server process. River stage zero No dependents

VLADIMIRZ/JIP-Daemon-0.041 - 07 Jan 2018 09:13:27 GMT

XPC::Daemon - XML Procedure Call daemon class River stage zero No dependents

This class is a generic XPC-over-HTTP server daemon. Use the "add_procedure" method to give it specific functionality....

GREGOR/XPC-0.2 - 13 Apr 2001 11:35:13 GMT

MMM::Daemon River stage zero No dependents

A daemon for mmm system...

NANARDON/mmm-0.43 - 28 Nov 2009 11:59:14 GMT

Zing::Daemon - Process Daemon River stage zero No dependents

This package provides the mechanisms for running a Zing application as a daemon process....

AWNCORP/Zing-0.13 - 11 Jul 2020 14:05:43 GMT

Daemon::Easy - easily create a daemon River stage zero No dependents

JZHANG/Daemon-Easy-0.02 - 06 Apr 2011 03:28:38 GMT

HTTP::Daemon - A simple http server class River stage four • 58 direct dependents • 7864 total dependents

Instances of the "HTTP::Daemon" class are HTTP/1.1 servers that listen on a socket for incoming requests. The "HTTP::Daemon" is a subclass of "IO::Socket::IP", so you can perform socket operations directly on it too. Please note that "HTTP::Daemon" u...

OALDERS/HTTP-Daemon-6.12 - 04 Jun 2020 16:03:28 GMT

FCGI::Daemon - Perl-aware Fast CGI daemon for use with nginx web server. River stage zero No dependents

FCGI::Daemon is a small FastCGI server for use as CGI-wrapper for CGI applications. Like mod_perl FCGI-Daemon stay persistent in memory and accelerate unmodified CGI applications written in Perl. FCGI-Daemon run CGI scripts with RLIMITs and predefine...

ONLYJOB/FCGI-Daemon-0.20151226 - 26 Dec 2015 11:57:40 GMT

Ubic::Daemon - daemon management utilities River stage two • 9 direct dependents • 15 total dependents

This module provides functions which let you daemonize any binary or perl coderef. Main source of knowledge if daemon is still running is pidfile, which is locked all the time after daemon was created. Note that pidfile format is unreliable and can c...

MMCLERIC/Ubic-1.60 - 24 Aug 2016 22:44:09 GMT

Audio::Daemon - UDP Daemon for various Sound Players River stage zero No dependents

Audio::Daemon is a udp service providing a single udp interface around various other modules, like Xmms, Audio::Play::MPG123 and libshout (for icecast streaming)....

JAYJ/Audio-Daemon-0.99Beta - 15 Oct 2002 05:35:46 GMT

Win32::Daemon - Extension enabling Win32 Perl scripts to run as a true Win32 service. River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This extension enables a Win32 Perl script to act as a true Win32 service....

XENU/Win32-Daemon-20190315 - 15 Mar 2019 23:15:15 GMT

Daemon::Whois - A WHOIS daemon River stage zero No dependents

ALEXX/Daemon-Whois-1.11 - 25 Nov 2011 17:09:23 GMT

System::Daemon River stage zero No dependents

Swiss-knife for daemonization...

VSESPB/System-Daemon-0.15 - 22 Dec 2016 08:47:24 GMT

Daemon::Device - Forking daemon device construct River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides a straight-forward and simple construct to creating applications that run as daemons and fork some number of child processes. This module leverages the excellent Daemon::Control to provide the functionality for the daemon itself,...

GRYPHON/Daemon-Device-1.08 - 14 May 2019 01:06:12 GMT

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