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VMS::Queue - Perl extension to manage queues, entries, and forms, and retrieve queue, entry, and form information. River stage zero No dependents

The VMS::Queue module lets a perl script (running as a user with appropriate privileges) manage queues, queue entries, forms, characteristics, and queue managers. Queue functions The queue functions create, delete, manipulate, or list queues. Most fu...

CBERRY/VMS-Queue-0_58 - 20 Aug 2006 22:07:46 UTC

VMS::ICC - VMS ICC systems service interface River stage zero No dependents

The VMS::ICC module provides an interface into the IntraCluster Communication services. new_service Registers a service in the cluster. The service_name, logical_name and logical_table parameters are all optional--if you leave one or more out, or pas...

DSUGAL/vms-icc-0_02 - 30 Nov 1999 15:29:44 UTC

VMS::Mail - VMS callable mail interface River stage zero No dependents

This module supplies a complete interface to callable the VMSMail routines for client-side access. This is the first CPAN release. This module is brand new and certainly has bugs. I will be testing it further and will release updates as I repair prob...

CBERRY/VMS-Mail-0_06 - 12 Apr 2009 14:30:40 UTC
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