News::NNTPAuth - a standard NNTP authentication method (deprecated)

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News::Web - a New-Web gateway, for a web-based newsreader

News::Web is the basis for web-based newsreaders. It's essentially a collection of functions called by CGI scripts appropriately....

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[...] -h Prints a short help message and exits. -v Prints the version number and exits. Recommended Usage After configuration, set up your crontab to run the script periodically. A sample crontab line, which runs every four hours: # Run 0 0...

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News::Overview - an object to store condensed information about Usenet posts

News::Overview objects store combined information about many messages, as generally done in INN's overview format and semi-codified in the XOVER extentions to RFC1036. Each object is meant to store a single newsgroup's worth of basic header informati...

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