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Net::LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 8 ++

Net::LDAP is a collection of modules that implements a LDAP services API for Perl programs. The module may be used to search directories or perform maintenance functions such as adding, deleting or modifying entries. This document assumes that the re...

MARSCHAP/perl-ldap-0.64   (14 reviews) - 19 Jun 2014 15:59:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Tie::LDAP - Tie LDAP database to Perl hash. ++

This library allows you to tie LDAP database to Perl hash. Once tied, all hash operation will cause corresponding LDAP operation, as you would (probably) expect. Referencing tied hash will return hash reference to named LDAP entry that holds lowercas...

TAIY/Tie-LDAP-0.06 - 30 Mar 2000 04:10:04 GMT - Search in distribution

PixieLdap - Perl extension for simple ldap functions using Net::LDAP and Net::LDAPS ++

Exports routines to make the use of Net::LDAP and NET::LDAPS easier for certain repeated functions using a common configuration file to source the connection details from. It requires a config file in yml format an example is below. --- server: ldap....

PIXIE/PixieLdap-0.01 - 01 Feb 2010 13:30:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Kolab::LDAP - Perl extension for generic LDAP code ++
STEPHANB/Kolab-LDAP-1.02 - 25 May 2004 07:33:02 GMT - Search in distribution

DBD::LDAP - Perl extension for DBI, providing an SQL/Perl DBI interface to Ldap databases. LDAP stands for the "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol". For more information, see: http://www.ogre.com/ldap/docs.html 1 ++

DBD::LDAP is a DBI extension module adding an SQL database interface to standard LDAP databases to Perl's database-independent database interface. You will need access to an existing LDAP database or set up your own using an LDAP server, ie. "OpenLDA...

TURNERJW/DBD-LDAP-0.20 - 10 Nov 2009 05:29:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::DSML - A perl module that supplies methods for connecting to a LDAP Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) server. ++

Net::DSML is a collection of three modules that implements a LDAP DSML API for Perl programs. The module may be used to search for and modify a LDAP directory entry. This document assumes that the reader has some knowledge of the LDAP and DSML protoc...

CHARDEN/Net-DSML-0.003 - 09 Sep 2007 21:38:13 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Net::DSML::Filter - A perl module that supplies a Net::DSML::Filter object that is used by a Net::DSML object.
  • Net::DSML::Control - A perl module that supplies a Net::DSML::Control object that is used with a Net::DSML object.

Dua - DUA/Perl interface to an X.500 directory ++

This module provides a set of subroutines which allow a Perl script to access to the X.500 directory. SUBROUTINES $dua = new Dua() Creates a new instance of a Dua object. $dua->open($dsa, $port, $dn, $passwd) Open an association to the DSA specified ...

SMPILL/Dua-2.2 - 13 Aug 1998 10:37:08 GMT - Search in distribution

URI - Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative) 62 ++

This module implements the "URI" class. Objects of this class represent "Uniform Resource Identifier references" as specified in RFC 2396 (and updated by RFC 2732). A Uniform Resource Identifier is a compact string of characters that identifies an ab...

ETHER/URI-1.62   (3 reviews) - 12 Jul 2014 03:43:10 GMT - Search in distribution

CAS - Central Authorization Server ++

CAS provides a set of tools for accessing a central user database, allowing a single username and password to be used by multiple applications & sites (clients). Permissions can be granted however finely or loosely the developer finds useful. The sys...

SEANQ/CAS-0.89 - 10 Mar 2007 00:33:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Aut - Authorization framework with flexible backends and UIs. ++

The goal of Aut is to provide a component that can be used to provide user authorization for applications. It's features are described in the following sections. Flexible backends Aut can be instantiated with your own backend. This could be a backend...

OESTERHOL/Aut-0.11 - 11 Apr 2004 20:47:23 GMT - Search in distribution

Kolab - Perl extension for general Kolab settings. ++
STEPHANB/Kolab-1.02   (1 review) - 11 May 2004 10:28:05 GMT - Search in distribution

urpm - Mageia perl tools to handle the urpmi database 1 ++

"urpm" is used by urpmi executables to manipulate packages and media on a Mageia Linux distribution. The urpm class urpm->new() The constructor creates a new urpm object. It's a blessed hash that contains fields from URPM, and also the following fiel...

TVIGNAUD/urpmi-7.31   (1 review) - 24 Jan 2014 07:20:56 GMT - Search in distribution

helm - Easy server and cluster automation ++

"helm" is command-line utility to make it easy to automate system tasks for individual machines, a cluster of machines or a subset of machines in a cluster. It has the following features: * Combine multiple commands into a single tasks and to have gr...

WONKO/helm-0.4 - 28 Jun 2011 18:53:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Trinket - Perl object persistence and lookup framework ++

Trinket SEE ALSO TODO Trinket::Object Trinket::Directory Trinket::DataAccess Trinket::DataAccess::RAM Trinket::DataAccess::BerkeleyDB Trinket::DataAccess::DBI Trinket::FilterParser Trinket::FilterParser::LDAP AUTHOR Maintained by Leslie Michael Orcha...

DEUSX/Trinket-0.0.1 - 19 Jun 2002 19:24:21 GMT - Search in distribution

pfacter - Collect and display facts about the system ++

Pfacter is a cross-platform distribution for retrieving facts about the system it is run on. It works like a rosetta stone, collecting information on things like IP and MAC addresses, DIMMs, processors, and other hardware information. Pfacter support...

SSCHNEID/pfacter-1.13-3 - 23 May 2008 13:54:32 GMT - Search in distribution

ZConf - A configuration system allowing for either file or LDAP backed storage. ++
VVELOX/ZConf-6.1.0 - 25 May 2012 20:39:43 GMT - Search in distribution

SPOPS - Simple Perl Object Persistence with Security 1 ++

This module is meant to be overridden by a class that will implement persistence for the SPOPS objects. This persistence can come by way of flat text files, LDAP directories, GDBM entries, DBI database tables -- whatever. The API should remain the sa...

CWINTERS/SPOPS-0.87   (6 reviews) - 02 Jun 2004 01:03:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Error - Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way 1 ++

The "Error" package provides two interfaces. Firstly "Error" provides a procedural interface to exception handling. Secondly "Error" is a base class for errors/exceptions that can either be thrown, for subsequent catch, or can simply be recorded. Err...

SHLOMIF/Error-0.17022   (3 reviews) - 29 Jan 2014 09:12:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Mozilla::LDAP::API - Perl methods for LDAP C API calls ++

This package offers a direct interface to the LDAP C API calls from Perl. It is used internally by the other Mozilla::LDAP modules. It is highly suggested that you use the object oriented interface in Mozilla::LDAP::Conn and Mozilla::LDAP::Entry unle...

LEIFHED/perldap-1.4 - 04 Sep 1999 06:00:20 GMT - Search in distribution

ldapsh - an interactive LDAP shell ++

ldapsh is an interactive LDAP shell, written entirely in perl and using Net::LDAP. It's extensible in that it is relatively easy to add new commands to it. It is largely modeled after the Unix shell, but does not at this point allow multiple tokens t...

LOOSIFER/ldapsh-2.00 - 24 Nov 2004 06:14:16 GMT - Search in distribution

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