ReadLine/ River stage two • 17 direct dependents • 18 total dependents

ILYAZ/Term-ReadLine-Perl-1.0303 - 28 Oct 2009 08:35:34 UTC - Search in distribution

Continuity::REPL - Use a Devel::REPL on a Continuity server River stage zero No dependents

This provides a Devel::REPL shell for Continuity applications. For now it is just amusing, but it will become useful once it can run the shell within the context of individual sessions. Then it might be a nice diagnostic or perhaps even development t...

AWWAIID/Continuity-REPL-0.01 - 10 May 2008 04:17:48 UTC - Search in distribution

SDLx::Coro::REPL - A REPL for your SDL River stage zero No dependents

AWWAIID/SDLx-Coro-REPL-0.03 - 09 Oct 2010 18:26:56 UTC - Search in distribution

Term::ReadLine::Tiny::readline - A non-OO package of Term::ReadLine::Tiny River stage zero No dependents

ORKUN/Term-ReadLine-Tiny-1.09 - 19 May 2017 15:35:22 UTC - Search in distribution

Term::ReadLine::Perl5::readline River stage zero No dependents

A non-OO package similar to GNU's readline. The preferred OO Package is Term::ReadLine::Perl5. But that uses this internally. It could be made better by removing more of the global state and moving it into the Term::ReadLine::Perl5 side. There is som...

ROCKY/Term-ReadLine-Perl5-1.45 - 18 Oct 2017 10:35:10 UTC - Search in distribution

Term::ReadLine - Perl interface to various readline packages. If no real package is found, substitutes stubs instead of basic functions. River stage four • 96 direct dependents • 1184 total dependents

This package is just a front end to some other packages. It's a stub to set up a common interface to the various ReadLine implementations found on CPAN (under the "Term::ReadLine::*" namespace)....

FLORA/Term-ReadLine-1.14 - 07 Sep 2013 14:36:35 UTC - Search in distribution

Curses::Readline - Readline library for curses River stage zero No dependents

This library provides a way to query a user for a line with readline-like key bindings in a curses windows. It behaves similar to the command line in mutt or vi. The prompt is displayed on the last line of the curses window, which will be emptied on ...

MDOM/Curses-Readline-0.9 - 08 Aug 2019 13:03:14 UTC - Search in distribution

Fry::ReadLine::Gnu - ReadLine plugin for Fry::Shell which uses Term::ReadLine::Gnu. River stage zero No dependents

Note: This module is being overhauled so the syntax for defining autocompletion might change. Also completion for a command's arguments is currently disabled. This module supports command history and autocompletion of options and commands. If a comma...

BOZO/Fry-Shell-0.15 - 12 Jan 2005 17:34:38 UTC - Search in distribution

Hailo::UI::ReadLine - A UI for Hailo using Term::ReadLine River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

Presents a ReadLine interface using Term::ReadLine, the Term::ReadLine::Gnu frontend will be used....

AVAR/Hailo-0.75 - 28 Nov 2018 11:10:30 UTC - Search in distribution
  • hailo - Command-line interface to the Hailo Markov bot
  • Hailo - A pluggable Markov engine analogous to MegaHAL

Term::CLI::ReadLine - maintain a single Term::ReadLine object River stage zero No dependents

Even though Term::ReadLine(3p) has an object-oriented interface, the Term::ReadLine::Gnu(3p) library really only keeps a single instance around (if you create multiple Term::ReadLine objects, all parameters and history are shared). This class inherit...

SBAKKER/Term-CLI-0.052003 - 26 May 2021 09:29:08 UTC - Search in distribution

Term::ReadLine::Gnu - Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library River stage two • 20 direct dependents • 30 total dependents

Overview This is an implementation of Term::ReadLine <> using the GNU Readline/History Library <>. For basic functions object oriented interface is provided...

HAYASHI/Term-ReadLine-Gnu-1.42 - 07 May 2021 03:30:02 UTC - Search in distribution

Myriad::UI::Readline - Term::ReadLine support for Myriad River stage zero No dependents

Provides a basic line-based interface with history support....

DERIV/Myriad-0.010 - 22 Jul 2021 07:15:51 UTC - Search in distribution

POE::Wheel::ReadLine - non-blocking Term::ReadLine for POE River stage three • 399 direct dependents • 536 total dependents

POE::Wheel::ReadLine is a non-blocking form of Term::ReadLine that's compatible with POE. It uses Term::Cap to interact with the terminal display and Term::ReadKey to interact with the keyboard. POE::Wheel::ReadLine handles almost all common input ed...

BINGOS/POE-1.368 - 02 Feb 2020 13:39:17 UTC - Search in distribution
  • POE - portable multitasking and networking framework for any event loop
  • POE::Wheel - event-driven mixins for POE::Session
  • POE::NFA - an event-driven state machine (nondeterministic finite automaton)

Term::ReadLine::Zoid - another ReadLine package River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 4 total dependents

This package provides a set of modules that form an interactive input buffer written in plain perl with minimal dependencies. It features almost all key-bindings described in the posix spec for the sh(1) utility with some extensions like multiline ed...

PARDUS/Term-ReadLine-Zoid-0.07 - 22 Nov 2004 14:59:35 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Pocosi::ReadLine - A PoCo-Server-IRC plugin which provides a ReadLine UI River stage zero No dependents

This plugin is used internally by App::Pocosi. No need for you to use it....

HINRIK/App-Pocosi-0.03 - 30 Jul 2011 00:14:41 UTC - Search in distribution

Term::ReadLine::Event - Wrappers for Term::ReadLine's new event_loop model. River stage zero No dependents

Provides many of the event loop interactions shown in the examples provided as a small change to your code rather than the longer code required. This may actually be sufficient for your use, or it may not. This likely depends on the loop being used....

DMCBRIDE/Term-ReadLine-Event-0.05 - 24 Nov 2015 04:59:46 UTC - Search in distribution

App::Pocoirc::ReadLine - A PoCo-IRC plugin which provides a ReadLine UI River stage zero No dependents

This plugin is used internally by App::Pocoirc. No need for you to use it....

HINRIK/App-Pocoirc-0.47 - 27 Nov 2012 20:31:56 UTC - Search in distribution

Term::Screen::ReadLine - Term::Screen extended with ReadLine River stage zero No dependents

This module extends Term::Screen with a readline() function. It also makes it possible to use a *single* Esc to escape instead of the Term::Screen double Esc....

OESTERHOL/Term-Screen-ReadLine-0.38 - 27 Aug 2013 13:52:23 UTC - Search in distribution

lib/Sepia/ River stage zero No dependents

SEANO/Sepia-0.992 - 17 Nov 2011 18:25:51 UTC - Search in distribution
  • sepl - a Term::ReadLine-based Sepia interactive shell.

AnyEvent::ReadLine::Gnu - event-based interface to Term::ReadLine::Gnu River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

The Term::ReadLine module family is bizarre (and you are encouraged not to look at its sources unless you want to go blind). It does support event-based operations, somehow, but it's hard to figure out. It also has some utility functions for printing...

MLEHMANN/AnyEvent-ReadLine-Gnu-1.1 - 12 Dec 2017 15:51:23 UTC - Search in distribution
  • rltelnet - connect to a socket with readline frontend
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