version - Perl extension for Version Objects

Version objects were added to Perl in 5.10. This module implements version objects for older version of Perl and provides the version object API for all versions of Perl. All previous releases before 0.74 are deprecated and should not be used due to ...

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PDL::Meschach links PDL to a few matrix functions from meschach 1.2 : Diagonal,upper,lower triangle extraction ... Matrix exponentiation ... LU , Cholesky , QR Factorisation and associated Linear equation solvers. Symmetric matrix eigenvector/eigenva...

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Java::JCR::Version::Version - Perl wrapper for javax.jcr.version.Version

This is an automatically generated package wrapping javax.jcr.version.Version with a nice Perlish API. For full documentation of what this class does, see the Java API documentation: <

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SDL::Version - SDL Bindings for structure SDL_Version

The "SDL::Version" structure is used by the "SDL::linked_version" function and the "SDL::version" macro. The "SDL::linked_version" function returns the link-time SDL version whereas "SDL::version" returns the compile-time SDL version. Note: This is t...

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CC::Version - XXX

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SVK::Version - The SVK project-wide version number

Because of the problems coordinationg revision numbers in a distributed version control system and across a directory full of Perl modules, this module provides a central location for the project's release number....

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File::Version - Simple File Versioning Class

This module is useful for creating and locating different versions of a file. For example, let's say you're working with a first generation file named foo.txt. Before proceeding, we gather some information about the foo.txt family tree: my %args = ( ...

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Perl::Version - Parse and manipulate Perl version strings

Perl::Version provides a simple interface for parsing, manipulating and formatting Perl version strings. Unlike (which concentrates on parsing and comparing version strings) Perl::Version is designed for cases where you'd like to parse a v...

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Version::Next - increment module version numbers simply and correctly

This module provides a simple, correct way to increment a Perl module version number. It does not attempt to guess what the original version number author intended, it simply increments in the smallest possible fashion. Decimals are incremented like ...

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Test::Version - Check to see that version's in modules are sane

This module's goal is to be a one stop shop for checking to see that your versions across your dist are sane. Please ensure that you use version 0.04 or later only, as earlier versions are old code and may not work correctly. Current feature list: mo...

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DMA::Version - Version number handling class.

This Class handles parsing, storage and creation of version strings in any format you choose. To handle your desired layout of fields, you must create an DMA::Version object with a printf style format code to build one; a regular expression to break ...

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VCS::Version - module for access to a VCS version

VCS::Version abstracts a single revision of a file under version control....

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true::VERSION - shim to allow modules to depend on

This module exists to work around bugs in the dependency system which prevent modules from depending on true. Instead of depending on true, depend on true::VERSION with the same version number. This module was introduced with version 0.16 of true....

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  • true - automatically return a true value when a file is required

Version::Util - Version-number utilities

This module provides several convenient functions related to version numbers, e.g. for comparing them....

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CPAN::Version - utility functions to compare CPAN versions

This module mediates between some version that perl sees in a package and the version that is published by the CPAN indexer. It's only written as a helper module for both and As it stands it predates but has the same g...

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Git::Version - Git version objects

"Git::Version" offers specialized version objects that can compare strings corresponding to a Git version number. The actual comparison is handled by Git::Version::Compare, so the strings can be version numbers, tags from "git.git" or the output of "...

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version::Store - Get your module's minimum/required version from your users

Sometimes you want to present different features to each user, depending on what version of your module she requests. This pragma lets you do that. This is done by installing a "VERSION()" subroutine to your module. This subroutine is called by Perl ...

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DBIx::Version - Perl extension for getting database software name and version.

DBIx::Version lets you query which database software and version you are connected to. Return Examples: (undef, undef, undef) ('mysql', '4.0.17', '4.0.17-standard-log') ('postgresql', '7.4.1', 'PostgreSQL 7.4.1 on i686-pc-linux-gnu, compiled by GCC g...

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