COLINK/Wing-Client-1.1000 - 26 Jun 2017 18:24:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::WING - Modules required for the Web IMAP and News Gateway

WING is an Open Source Apache/mod_perl based system which allows users to access email held on an IMAP server via any web browser. WING provides a gateway so that users can access email held on an IMAP server via any web browser. This bundle provides...

SIMON/Bundle-WING-0.11 - 23 Aug 2001 11:56:48 GMT - Search in distribution

perlepigraphs - list of Perl release epigraphs

Many Perl release announcements included an *epigraph*, a short excerpt from a literary or other creative work, chosen by the pumpking or release manager. This file assembles the known list of epigraph for posterity, and also links to the release ann...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.26.0 - 30 May 2017 19:41:19 GMT - Search in distribution

Perl6::Form - Implements the Perl 6 'form' built-in

Formats are Perl 5's mechanism for creating text templates with fixed-width fields. Those fields are then filled in using values from prespecified package variables. Unlike Perl 5, Perl 6 doesn't have a "format" keyword. Or the associated built-in fo...

DCONWAY/Perl6-Form-0.06 - 11 Sep 2016 12:39:28 GMT - Search in distribution


HINRIK/Perl6-Doc-0.47 - 06 Dec 2010 03:25:27 GMT - Search in distribution

perlsecret - Perl secret operators and constants

Perl has a long tradition of giving nicknames to some of its operators (possibly a form of Huffmanisation). These nicknames are based on the appearance of the operator, rather than its function. The well-known examples are the *diamond operator* ("<>...

BOOK/perlsecret-1.013 - 21 Feb 2015 23:52:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::OneHundredNotOut - A raise of the bat, a tip of the hat

SIMON/Acme-OneHundredNotOut-100 - 24 Jun 2004 14:21:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Games::Shogi::Taikyoku - Piece descriptions and initial configuration for Taikyoku Shogi

Taikyoku Shogi is thought to be the largest Shogi variant in existence, on a 36 x 36 grid with 402 pieces, 201 per side. This game contains such pieces as the Buddhist Spirit and an alternate version of the Fire Demon, which moves differently than th...

JGOFF/Games-Shogi-0.03 - 04 Nov 2004 14:38:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Archive::Chm - Performs some read-only operations on HTML help (.chm) files. Range of operations includes enumerating contents, extracting contents and getting information about one certain part of the archive.

Archive::Chm is a module that provides access to Microsoft Compiled HTML Help files (chm files). A lot of today's software ships with documentation in .chm format. However Microsoft only provides viewing tools for their own OS and the company doesn't...

APALADE/Archive-Chm-0.06 - 20 Jul 2005 08:37:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::M - (NBS/ISCC M) Dictionary of Color

Kenneth L. Kelly and Deanne B. Judd. "Color: Universal Language and Dictionary of Names", National Bureau of Standards, Spec. Publ. 440, Dec. 1976, 189 pages. Color Name Dictionary: (M) Dictionary of Color Maerz and Paul, Dictionary of Color, 1st ed....

ROKR/Color-Library-0.021 - 07 Dec 2011 21:59:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Rinchi::CIGIPP::EntityControl - Perl extension for the Common Image Generator Interface - Entity Control data packet. data packet.

The Entity Control packet is used to control position, attitude, and other attributes describing an entity's state. This packet may be applied to any entity in the simulation, including the Ownship. Each entity is identified by a unique identifier ca...

BMAMES/Rinchi-CIGIPP-0.02 - 01 May 2009 13:20:49 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Agreement - add contracts to your Perl classes easily

Class::Agreement is an implementation of behavioral contracts for Perl5. This module allows you to easily add pre- and postconditions to new or existing Perl classes. This module provides contracts such as dependent contracts, contracts for higher-or...

IAN/Class-Agreement-0.02 - 13 Dec 2005 04:30:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Pod::Snippets - Extract and reformat snippets of POD so as to use them in a unit test (or other Perl code)

This class is a very simple extension of Pod::Parser that extracts POD snippets from Perl code, and pretty-prints it so as to make it useable from other Perl code. As demonstrated above, Pod::Snipets is immediately useful to test-driven-development n...

DOMQ/Pod-Snippets-0.14 - 12 Oct 2007 17:17:29 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::RobotRules - database of robots.txt-derived permissions

This module parses /robots.txt files as specified in "A Standard for Robot Exclusion", at <> Webmasters can use the /robots.txt file to forbid conforming robots from accessing parts of their web site. The pars...

GAAS/WWW-RobotRules-6.02 - 18 Feb 2012 13:09:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Result - Information about a single arrival/departure received by Travel::Status::DE::IRIS

Travel::Status::DE::IRIs::Result describes a single arrival/departure as obtained by Travel::Status::DE::IRIS. It contains information about the platform, time, route and more....

DERF/Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-1.16 - 08 Jul 2017 18:00:23 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::RobotRules::Extended - database of robots.txt-derived permissions. This is a fork of WWW::RobotRules

This module parses /robots.txt files as specified in "A Standard for Robot Exclusion", at <> It also parses rules that contains wildcards '*' and allow directives like Google does. Webmasters can use the /robo...

YSIMONX/WWW-RobotRules-Extended-0.02 - 14 Jan 2012 10:23:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache2::Controller::DBI::Connector - connects DBI to < $r-pnotes->{a2c}{dbh} >> or the key that you select.

Connects a package-space DBI handle to "$r->pnotes->{a2c}{dbh}". You only need this where you need a database handle for every request, for example to connect to a session database regardless of whether the user does anything. You can load it only fo...

MARKLE/Apache2-Controller-v1.1.1 - 13 Jun 2014 19:02:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Dancer2::Core::Response - Response object for Dancer2

CROMEDOME/Dancer2-0.205001 - 11 Jul 2017 13:04:56 GMT - Search in distribution


A relationship linking two cvterms. Each cvterm_relationship constitutes an edge in the graph defined by the collection of cvterms and cvterm_relationships. The meaning of the cvterm_relationship depends on the definition of the cvterm R refered to b...

RBUELS/Bio-Chado-Schema-0.20000 - 06 Jul 2012 19:06:31 GMT - Search in distribution

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