The London Perl and Raku Workshop takes place on 26th Oct 2024. If your company depends on Perl, please consider sponsoring and/or attending.


In December 2019, several MetaCPAN developers came together in Toronto for an invite-only intensive workshop, dubbed meta::hack v4, to do focused maintenance and feature work on MetaCPAN.

This event was made possible by the generous donations of sponsors.

Platinum Sponsors

cPanel is a web-based control panel for managing a web hosting account. It provides a simple yet powerful interface for managing email accounts, security, domains, databases, and more. cPanel was originally written (in Perl!) by Nick Koston in 1997. cPanel (the company) now employs over 200 people. They've been using Perl for nearly 20 years now, and have long been supporters of Perl and its community. You may recognise some of their developers who are CPAN authors: Todd Rinaldo (TODDR), Xan Hilmisdóttir (XAN), and others.

Silver Sponsors B.V., part of the Priceline Group (Nasdaq: PCLN), owns and operates, the world leader in booking accommodations online. Each day, over 1,200,000 room nights are reserved on has supported Perl in countless ways over the years, and employs many well-known CPAN authors, including Sawyer X, Philippe Bruhat, Mickey Nasriachi, Rafaël Garcia-Suarez, Yves Orton, Stevan Little, Graham Knop, Abigail and an awful lot more (you can see a hopefully complete list in the source of ACME::CPANAuthors::Booking).