Brad McConahay
River gauge Release Uploaded
Ham-APRS-LastPacket-0.03 A simple interface to retrieve the most recent packet data for a station from APRS-IS. 19 Dec 2010 08:35:09 GMT
Ham-Reference-Callook-0.02 An object oriented front end for the callsign API 09 Jan 2011 03:19:27 GMT
Ham-Reference-Phonetics-0.02 A quick reference for the ITU Phonetic Alphabet. 19 Dec 2010 10:11:44 GMT
Ham-Reference-QRZ-0.04 An object oriented front end for the QRZ.COM Amateur Radio callsign database 29 Dec 2016 12:00:57 GMT
Ham-Reference-Qsignals-0.02 A quick reference for Q Signals. 19 Dec 2010 09:49:37 GMT
Ham-Reference-Solar-0.03 Get basic solar data from the web that's useful for Amateur Radio applications. 19 Dec 2010 09:22:02 GMT

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