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All Releases by Masahiro Chiba

River gauge Release Uploaded
River stage zero No dependents Acme-Coro-Suke-0.01 the only real corosuke in benzo 12 Oct 2009 06:27:46 UTC
River stage zero No dependents FormValidator-Nested-0.07 form validation 14 Dec 2009 02:16:18 UTC
River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents IO-File-WithPath-0.09 An IO::File extension that keeps the pathname 20 Oct 2012 07:46:48 UTC
River stage two • 4 direct dependents • 12 total dependents Plack-Middleware-Header-0.04 modify HTTP response headers 09 Sep 2010 06:44:33 UTC
River stage zero No dependents Plack-Middleware-RefererCheck-0.03 check referer for defensive CSRF attack.(DEPRECATED) 19 Oct 2012 13:02:12 UTC

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