Денис Ибаев
River gauge Release Uploaded
AnyEvent-Delay-Simple-0.06 Manage callbacks and control the flow of events by AnyEvent 13 Sep 2014 11:29:55 GMT
AnyEvent-UserAgent-0.07 AnyEvent::HTTP OO-wrapper 02 Sep 2014 15:58:04 GMT
Catalyst-Plugin-Server-JSONRPC-Batch-0.02 Batch requests implementation for Catalyst JSON-RPC server plugin 27 May 2012 22:44:44 GMT
Data-Compare-Plugins-JSON-1.04 Plugin for Data::Compare to handle JSON, JSON::PP and JSON::XS boolean constants. 18 May 2017 20:09:51 GMT
MojoX-Transaction-WebSocket76-0.05 WebSocket version hixie-76 transaction container 16 Apr 2016 19:18:10 GMT
Plack-Session-Store-Echo-1.00 Echo store for Plack::Middleware::Session 15 Jun 2014 21:59:43 GMT

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