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Author Module Permissions for ICYDEE

Module (14) Owner (1) Co-Maintainers (0)
Catalyst::Plugin::AutoSession ICYDEE
Catalyst::Plugin::I18N::DBIC ICYDEE
Catalyst::TraitFor::Controller::Breadcrumb::Followed ICYDEE
Catalyst::TraitFor::Controller::jQuery::jqGrid ICYDEE
DBIx::Class::Tree::NestedSet ICYDEE
FSA::Engine::Transition ICYDEE
Icydee::MockCatalyst ICYDEE
Icydee::Request ICYDEE
Icydee::TestObject ICYDEE
WWW::Firebase ICYDEE
WWW::LacunaExpanse::API ICYDEE
WWW::LacunaExpanse::Script ICYDEE
jQuery::jqGrid ICYDEE