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Author Module Permissions for JMAC

Module (58) Owner (2) Co-Maintainers (1)
DBIx::Datadict JMAC
DBIx::Schema JMAC
Frivolity JMAC
Plerd JMAC
Plerd::Init JMAC
Plerd::Post JMAC
Plerd::SmartyPants JMAC
Plerd::Tag JMAC
Plerd::Util JMAC
Plerd::WebmentionQueue JMAC
Sweat JMAC
Sweat::Article JMAC
Sweat::ArticleHandler JMAC
Sweat::Drill JMAC
Sweat::Group JMAC
Volity JMAC
Volity::Bot JMAC
Volity::Bot::TicTacToe::Random JMAC
Volity::Factory JMAC
Volity::Game JMAC
Volity::Game::TicTacToe JMAC
Volity::GameRecord JMAC
Volity::Jabber JMAC
Volity::Jabber::Disco::Feature JMAC
Volity::Jabber::Disco::Identity JMAC
Volity::Jabber::Disco::Item JMAC
Volity::Jabber::Disco::Node JMAC
Volity::Jabber::Form JMAC
Volity::Jabber::Form::Field JMAC
Volity::Jabber::Roster JMAC
Volity::POE::Component::Jabber::Client::Legacy JMAC
Volity::POE::Filter::XML::Node JMAC
Volity::Player JMAC
Volity::Referee JMAC
Volity::Seat JMAC
Volity::Server JMAC
Volity::WinnersList JMAC
Web::Mention JMAC
Web::Mention::Author JMAC
Web::Microformats2 JMAC
Web::Microformats2::Document JMAC
Web::Microformats2::Item JMAC
Web::Microformats2::Parser JMAC
Web::NewsAPI::Article JMAC
Web::NewsAPI::Result JMAC
Web::NewsAPI::Source JMAC
Web::NewsAPI::Types JMAC
Whim::Command::listen JMAC
Whim::Command::query JMAC
Whim::Command::send JMAC
Whim::Command::verify JMAC
Whim::Controller::Display JMAC
Whim::Controller::Listen JMAC
Whim::Core JMAC
Whim::Mention JMAC