Michael Scherer
River gauge Release Uploaded
DJabberd-Authen-UserLimit-0.30 limit the number of connected user 15 Nov 2006 20:21:46 GMT
DJabberd-Plugin-JabberIqVersion-0.40 Add support for "XEP 0092, Software version" to DJabberd 01 Dec 2006 23:32:53 GMT
DJabberd-Plugin-Ping-0.46 Add support for "XEP 0199, Xmpp Ping" to DJabberd. 15 Mar 2008 03:08:48 GMT
DJabberd-Plugin-PrivateStorage-0.60 implement private storage, as described in XEP-0049 03 Dec 2006 16:41:57 GMT

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