jason hord
Release Uploaded
Authen-CAS-Client-0.07 Provides an easy-to-use interface for authentication using JA-SIG's Central Authentication Service 13 Jan 2014 15:36:27 GMT
Catalyst-Model-DBIx-Connector-0.01 Catalyst model base class for DBI connections using DBIx::Connector 07 Jan 2014 20:33:05 GMT
Catalyst-Plugin-Environment-0.02 Catalyst plugin to modify %ENV via your application configuration 07 Jan 2014 20:54:12 GMT
Catalyst-Plugin-Log-Log4perl-0.02 Catalyst plugin to initialize Log::Log4perl from the application's configuration 07 Jan 2014 21:06:18 GMT
Config-Merged-0.05 Load and merge configuration from different file formats, transparently 07 Jan 2014 15:05:38 GMT
Hash-Args-0.02 Coerces argument lists into HASH references for convenience 07 Jan 2014 14:58:39 GMT
Proc-Lite-0.10 A lightweight module for running processes synchronously 13 Jan 2014 15:36:15 GMT
Proc-Topus-0.02 Spawn worker processes with IPC built-in 07 Jan 2014 14:53:04 GMT
Throwable-SysError-0.00 a sub-class of Throwable::Error for system error objects 25 Mar 2013 16:25:17 GMT
Workflow-Lite-0.08 A very simplistic workflow framework 26 Jan 2014 22:51:50 GMT

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