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All Releases by Renato Santos de Souza

River gauge Release Uploaded
River stage zero No dependents CatalystX-Eta-0.08 Mostly, Controller's Moose::Roles for easy CRUD/Validation API's 30 Sep 2015 23:43:17 UTC
River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent Stash-REST-0.11 Add Requests into stash. Then, Extends with Class::Trigger! 23 Mar 2017 18:45:08 UTC
River stage zero No dependents WWW-Correios-CEP-1.044 Perl extension for extract address from CEP (zip code) number 08 Jul 2021 14:05:25 UTC
River stage zero No dependents Yaadgom-0.09 Yet Another Automatic Document Generator (On Markdown) 28 Sep 2017 14:15:23 UTC

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