Wes Young
River gauge Release Uploaded
Database-Schema-Verification-1.02 Perl extension for storing and verifing various levels of information 03 May 2006 17:28:53 GMT
Google-ProtocolBuffers-0.12 simple interface to Google Protocol Buffers 29 Sep 2016 14:28:56 GMT
Iodef-Pb-Simple-0.21 Perl extension providing high level API access to Iodef::Pb. It takes simple key-pair hashes and maps them to the appropriate IODEF classes using a Module::Pluggable framework of plugins. 19 Nov 2013 16:25:59 GMT
LWPx-ParanoidAgent-1.12 subclass of LWP::UserAgent that protects you from harm 29 Sep 2016 12:16:04 GMT
Malware-1.02 Perl extension for storing and manipulation malware and it's attributes 03 May 2006 20:25:06 GMT
Net-Abuse-Utils-Spamhaus-0.09 Perl extension for checking data against the spamhaus blacklists 07 Jun 2016 21:06:54 GMT
Net-Connection-Simple-1.02 Perl extension handling simple connection info within an application 24 May 2006 19:17:09 GMT
Net-DNS-Match-0.05 Perl extension for testing domains against another list of domains (similar to Net::Patricia but for FQDNs) 17 Oct 2013 14:45:12 GMT
Net-Protocol-Simple-1.00 Perl extension for handling simple generic protocol layers within applications 18 Apr 2006 21:18:53 GMT
RINO-Client-0.03 Perl extension for parsing and handling RINO data 09 Jun 2011 22:52:15 GMT
RT-CIFMinimal-0.01 Perl extension for RT+IR integration with CIF 23 Apr 2012 13:20:01 GMT
RT-IODEF-0.08 A perl module for translating RT tickets to IODEF messages and also maps IODEF to RT's Custom Fields based on their description tag 16 Jan 2012 16:14:21 GMT
Snort-Rule-1.07 Perl extension for dynamically building snort rules 27 Oct 2008 00:05:02 GMT
XML-IODEF-0.11 A module for building/parsing IODEF messages 14 May 2011 13:41:21 GMT
XML-IODEF-PhraudReport-0.01 Perl extension for Extending XML::IODEF to use with Phishing Extensions 02 Jun 2009 14:16:17 GMT
XML-IODEF-Simple-0.02 Perl extension for easier IODEF message generation 05 Jan 2012 18:27:28 GMT
XML-Malware-0.01 Perl extension for representing malware samples in XML 08 Mar 2011 14:27:44 GMT

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