Daniel Șuteu
Release Uploaded
Data-Dump-Perl6-0.01 Pretty printing of data structures as Perl6 code 18 Sep 2015 05:32:52 GMT
Lingua-RO-Numbers-0.20 Convert numeric values into their Romanian string equivalents and viceversa 15 Jan 2015 11:35:37 GMT
Linux-DesktopFiles-0.10 Get and parse the Linux desktop files. 04 Jun 2016 11:52:56 GMT
Math-BigNum-0.05 Arbitrary size precision for integers, rationals and floating-point numbers 26 May 2016 15:07:58 GMT
Math-BigSym-0.01 Fast symbolic calculations with arbitrary large rationals. 13 May 2016 12:29:13 GMT
Perl-Tokenizer-0.04 A tiny Perl code tokenizer 03 Jun 2016 12:33:51 GMT
Sidef-2.26 The Sidef Programming Language 01 Jun 2016 15:48:21 GMT

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