Zachary D. Blair
Release Uploaded
Crypt-Rot47-0.06 Encryption and decryption of ASCII text using the Rot47 substitution cipher. 20 Sep 2012 05:54:08 GMT
Data-Formatter-Text-1.0 Formats data stored in scalars, hashes, and arrays into strings, definition lists, bulletted lists, and tables. 24 Sep 2012 05:38:34 GMT
Net-Tshark-0.04 Interface for the tshark network capture utility 25 Sep 2012 04:13:15 GMT
Polycom-App-Push-0.04 Module for writing web applications for Polycom VoIP phones 09 May 2012 23:57:14 GMT
Polycom-Config-File-0.04 Parse config files for Polycom VoIP phones 26 Sep 2012 05:23:59 GMT
Polycom-Contact-Directory-0.05 Parse local contact directory files for Polycom VoIP phones 06 Jul 2010 07:26:19 GMT
QML-File-0.02 Basic parsing of the high-level structure of QML files. 10 Apr 2015 06:09:46 GMT
Sourcecode-Spellchecker-0.03 Detects common misspellings in source code and suggests corrections. 06 Apr 2014 22:39:41 GMT

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