Revision history for Padre-Plugin-HTMLExport

0.09   2010.12.06
        Restored missing POT/PO translation sources (Damyan Ivanov, AZAWAWI)
        Update German translation (ZENOG)
        Color settings accessible from the plugin manager (ZENOG)     

0.08   2010.11.02
        Removed Test::NeedsDisplay dependency (AZAWAWI)

0.07   2010.10.27
        t/00-load.t is magically injected by [@PadrePlugin] via [LoadTests] (AZAWAWI)

0.06   2010.10.26
        Added translation files (ZENOG)
        Added German translation (ZENOG)
        Added Italian translation (SBLADIN)
        Added Arabic translation (AZAWAWI)
        Minor message changes (ZENOG)
        Compatiblity with latest Padre (ZENOG, AZAWAWI)
        Switched to Dist::Zilla (AZAWAWI)

0.05    2009.05.31
        removed taint mode for tests, leading to build errors (jquelin)

0.04    2009.2.1
        for Padre 0.26

0.03    2009.1.5
        for Padre 0.23

0.02    2008.12.30
        Fixed it to work with Padre 0.22
        Moved to Module::Install

0.01    2008.11.28
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.