Revision history for HTML-Restrict

2.0.0   2013-02-27
        - Bumps version to 2.0.0 due to new features breaking backwards
        - Forces all tag rules to be provided in lower case.  Breaks
          backcompat, but mixed or upper case rules would have been silently
          ignored.  So, this is really a bug fix.
        - Strips content between script tags by default. Breaks backcompat,
          but the default behaviour was likely not what anyone wanted.
        - Strips content between style tags by default.  Breaks backcompat,
          but the default behaviour was likely not what anyone wanted.
        - Adds Pod for previously undocumented allow_comments,
          allow_declaration and strip_enclosed_content.
        - Ensures stripper stack is always reset (perlpong).
        - Protects against undef string comparison (perlpong).
        - Checks URI scheme for src attributes (perlpong).
        - Removes accessor/mutator documentation.  Would prefer if all params
          were set at object instatiation.
        - Adds ridiculously basic example script.

1.0.4   2012-05-22
        - Explicity require MooX::Types::MooseLike rather than
          MooX::Types::MooseLike::Base (Matt Phillips/Github #2)

1.0.3   2012-03-27
        - Replaces Moose with Moo for speed in non-persistent apps (Arthur Axel
          'fREW' Schmidt)
        - Adds uri scheme checking for href and src attributes
        - Adds (undocumented) allow_comments() and allow_declartion() methods

1.0.2   2011-10-11
        - No longer emit warnings when pure HTML is supplied for processing
            Rick Moore (RT #71553)

1.0.1   2011-06-30
        - Pod updates

1.0.0   2011-06-30
        - Bumped version to 1.0.0 This is no longer beta software.

0.06    2010-03-22
        - Fixed RT #55775 "Strings equating to boolean false returned as undef"
            (Duncan Forsyth)

0.05    2010-02-03
        - process( undef ) returns without attempting to do anything.  Avoids
            warnings about uninitialized vars.

0.04    2009-11-19
        - MooseX::Params::Validate 0.12 now required.  Some earlier versions do
            not include pos_validated_list()

0.03    2009-11-17
        - process() no longer dies when passed an undef -- patch provided by
            Mark Jubenville (ioncache)

0.02    2009-09-17
        - Improved documentation layout and clarity
            Removed documentation for parser() method -- seems like a bad idea

0.01    2009-09-17
        - Beta release