Revision history for Test-BrewBuild

2.11    2017-03-26
        - we now filter out cperls until we can do further testing. This is
          handled in BCMD::available() with a `[^c]` entry in the regex when we
          pull out the perls listed in $info (fixes #162)
        - _validate_opts() now only compares against argument directives, not
          their values (fixes #161)
        - in perlbrew v0.77, they introduced a confirmation requirement for
          'uninstall', which was breaking things for us. Went through the code,
          and found that sending in '--yes' as an argument to perlbrew in the
          uninstall command will bypass this confirmation, allowing things to
          work correctly here for the perls_remove() functionality
        - several test updates due to above changes
        - added additional logging to various areas
        - bumped prereq of Mock::Sub to 1.07

2.10    2016-11-19
        - fix shebang line in the scripts to reference `/usr/bin/env perl`
          instead of `/usr/bin/perl` (Thanks 'nigelhorne' (github) for the
          report) (closes #157)
        - change perms on the bin/ files to 755 from 644 (thanks again to
          'nigelhorne' from github for reporting) (closes #156)
        - moved BrewBuild object creation in brewbuild down below the checks to
          see if *brew is installed. No need for the object if they aren't
          (closes #160)
        - brewbuild was deleting $args{args} instead of $opts{args} when a
          plugin is in use without --revdep (fixes #159)
        - in BB::_exec(), we were returning before unloading the dzil shim. This
          technically shouldn't have caused any issues, but in some cases it may
          have (closes #158)

2.09    2016-11-06
        - added "logfile" flag for bbtester. If not in --fg mode with --stdout
          set and --logfile is set, we'll write to a file in
          "workdir/bbtester.log". This is to help in situations where the
          tester is hanging in 'start' mode, but not in --fg mode. Without this
          flag, no logging info is displayed or returned (closes #149)
        - fixed issue where setup info was not being displayed with -s
          (closes #154)
        - fixed issue where sending -1 to --new was causing brewbuild help to
          be displayed (closes #151)
        - required Perl version now 5.10 from 5.8, due to that limit in 
        - removed Perl 5.8 tests from Travis
        - added help entry for the -S|--save option
        - fixed t/test_api/95, as Mock::Sub now has more revdeps (closes #155)
        - slight wording change in Tutorial (closes #147)
        - brewbuild will now let the user know that no perls are installed
          instead of just outputting nothing (closes #150)

2.08    2016-06-23
        - changed from using HOMEPATH env var to USERPROFILE on Windows, as the
          former didn't contain the drive letter (fixes #96)
        - legacy perls were not being excluded when legacy was disabled
          (fixes #137)
        - changed all links to dnmfarrell berrybrew repo to stevieb9 (closes
        - removed notices about MSWin PATH issues, as they were completely
          rectified in berrybrew after it's "off" feature was added
        - several POD corrections
        - confirmed that all tests still pass after berrybrew version
          sb-20160602 changes (ensured PATH is still ok)
        - fixed a couple of tests that had the perl ver hard-coded, and another
          two that were trying to use a regex in is()

2.06    2016-06-12
        - no functional changes
        - BBDEV_TESTING tests now require a version (eg: 5.24.0) set in
          $ENV{PERLVER}, instead of having 5.22.1 hardcoded for a few test
          files, and other tests don't use the ver anymore (closes #132)
        - tests now reside in sub-directories, cleaning the t/ directory up
          significantly (closes #133)
        - fixed config file doc link in BrewBuild's POD (closes #131)
        - new berrybrew build, in prep for using --on on Windows
          ( ver: sb-20160601)

2.05    2016-05-06
        - added [brewbuild] section to config file (closes #128)
        - cleaned up test logic due to failing MSWin tests
        - switched from CPAN::ReverseDependencies to MetaCPAN::Client, as the
          former was using MetaCPAN::API which is depricated, and failing to
          install on MSWin systems. (I sent a PR to the dist which fixes it). We
          now have our own revdep discovery process
        - fixed logic issue where -1 wasn't being used in instance_install(),
          breaking the ability to install all perl instances (fixes #130)

2.04    2016-04-27
        - Results from MSWin now properly show the _bit suffix for the perl used
          in test results (closes #124)
        - instance_install() when installing randomly doesn't attempt duplicate
          versions any longer (fixes #123)
        - cleaned up formatting of revdep returned output (closes #126)
        - on Unix, we now include Release Candidate perl instances when using
          random install, eg perl-5.24.0-RC3 (closes #127)
        - various log entry cleanup (closes #112)

2.03    2016-04-26
        - brewbuild can now dispatch the most basic of testing to remotes via
          the -D and -t flags. For more advanced remote testing, use bbdispatch
          (closes #122)
        - changed to searching %PATH% for binaries as opposed to using 'where'
          on MSWin, as on pre 2k3, 'where' didn't exist (closes #117)
        - moved setting the brewbuild command default from bbdispatch to
          Dispatch (closes #118)
        - On MSWin, we now accept the _32/_64 suffixes in --install, otherwise
          we'll default to 64-bit. This suffix will be stripped on Unix systems
          if dispatching to both Unix and Windows testers (closes #114)
        - removed prerequisite of needing to be an Administrator user on MSWin
          from the Tutorial (closes #119)
        - fixed a series of out-of-order debug logging message entries
        - added a timeout param to instance_install(), default 300 secs. If an
          install takes longer than this, it'll roll out the changes and log an
          entry of the problem (closes #110)
        - enhanced the argument handling for brewbuild to be much more
          resilient and specific to help prevent executing rogue commands on
          the remote testers (closes #66)
        - POD updates

2.02    2016-04-22
        - fixed issue in T::BB::Tester where we weren't checking for the 'new'
          param, hence we weren't doing install if 'new' was set
        - added brief SYNOPSIS in Dispatch
        - fixed issue in Tester where the log scalar wasn't being reset after a
          run (we also now shutdown() the socket after a finished run)
        - correct issues preventing the brewbuild -i and -n flags from working
          correctly on remote testers
        - dzil dists now get a authordeps run by default, logging organized
          (closes #104)

2.01    2016-04-22
        - no functional changes
        - POD updates/fixes

2.00    2016-04-21
        - added T::BB::workdir() as a common source for workdir retrieval
        - major POD updates

1.05_02 2016-04-20
        - we now set up a log file within Tester for BrewBuild if Tester is
          logging, but not to STDOUT
        - added a POD document for the config file
        - created a Tutorial for the distributed testing environment setup

1.05_01 2016-04-19
        - we can now distribute test builds to remote Test::BrewBuild test
        - bbdispatch and bbtester scripts added, which handle the test
          distribution network/systems
        - and modules, containing the APIs for the
          distribution setup
        - we no longer now print anything out by default; everything is
          returned, and its up to end-user to handle
        - major debug logging improvements
        - significant code cleanup and tests implemented
        - added/improved upon the flags for the ``brewbuild'' script

1.05    2016-04-04
        - we're now Dist::Zilla compliant and tested (closes #33)
        - added _dzil_shim() and _dzil_unshim() for Dist::Zilla distributions
        - bumped prereq of TestAgainst plugin to 0.06
        - added -T (--selftest), to prevent recursive testing loops when 
          testing this distribution
        - POD updates
        - stderr.bblog as well as cpanm build.log files are now aggregated into
          the FAIL log reports (closes #61 and #62)
        - added -T, --selftest, to avoid recursive testing of Test::BrewBuild
          with the BBDEV_TESTING env var set

1.04    2016-04-01
        - ensure FAIL files are created properly and test (closes #53)
        - fix issue where --on wasn't setting up the environment correctly
          (fixes #54)
        - on Unix, we catch if an installed version is attempting to be
          installed, instead of letting perlbrew handle it (closes #50)
        - prereq 'version' added to correctly get version info from pre 5.10
          (fixes #51)
        - renamed --version|-v to --install|-i
        - added --notest|-N, allows install/remove without running exec()
          (closes #49)
        - added --setup|-s, displays Windows and Unix test platform setup guide
        - added --legacy|-L. Due to the fact ``cpanm'' requires 5.8.1, and we
          use it in the default exec plugin, we won't install versions lower
          than that, unless this flag is set
        - FAIL logs are now stored in a temp directory, then moved to './bblog'
          after completion, ensuring manifest.t tests don't fail (fixes #56)
        - fixed bug where on Windows, if a module build fails, the revdeps
          could still pass (fixes #57)
        - POD updates
        - created berrybrew PR dnmfarrell/brewberry#16 which added the --with
          arg to exec
        - bumped prereq of Test::BrewBuild::Plugin::TestAgainst to 0.05 due
          to the Windows path issues

1.03_03 2016-03-29
        - --revdep, auto-testing of CPAN down-river modules working very well
          (work on #39)
        - added t/dev-1xx tests, need perlbrew/berrybrew installed to run. Set
          BBDEV_TESTING environment variable to run these tests (these tests
          can take a very long time to process, and currently, may be
        - added Archive::Extract prereq for BBDEV_TESTING
        - fixed bug where --version wasn't doing anything
        - fixed bug on Windows where instance_remove() was removing the
          currently in-use perl instance
        - if an invalid arg is sent in, we now print help screen and exit
          (closes #45)
        - fix bug in results(), where the regex wasn't capturing properly on
        - added blurb in SYNOPSIS about the importance of having a central
          cpanm (closes #44)
        - corrected a whole bunch of inconsistencies between win/nix throughout
          the dev test writing
        - we now re-check brew_info after an install, so we don't exit
          prematurely thinking no perls are installed, even after a --new 1
          (closes #46)
        - had to change the DATA section in the plugins to one cmd per line,
          due to Windows not properly able to manage PATH env var on each exec
          run. The actual command to perform the tests *must* be the last line
        - added BrewExec::using(), sends back the exact version we're using, so
          remove_instance() does the right thing on Windows (fixes #47)
        - disabled 'on' tests on Windows, as berrybrew doesn't have a --with
          flag for 'exec'. We warn() if it's attempted
        - added examples/config.txt, shows a working Windows %PATH% env setup
        - began, albeit lightly, code cleanup (#36)
        - set objectives for v1.05 (full win/nix compat, document pristine
          testing environment, fix all outstanding non-wishlist issues and
          at minimum, document irregularities of test failures beyond this
          modules control)

1.03_02 2016-03-26
        - FAIL strategy completed. If there's STDERR output, we write it all to
          brewbuild_err.bblog. FAIL reports go into $perlver.bblog, and if
          we're using a plugin that accepts a module, we put fail reports into
          Tested::Module-$perlver.bblog, with the '::' replaced into '-'. The
          results (PASS and FAIL) are now all displayed at the end of output
          for easy identification (closes #43)
        - fixed case-insensitivity bug with options. -R and -r now do the
          respective Right Thing
        - cpanm is now called with the -v flag on the --test-only portion of
          the default plugin

1.03_01 2016-03-25
        - if --args is passed in, brewbuild runs the number of times the list
          has elements, and on each pass, the plugin receives the current arg
          in the list
        - --args executes --new and --remove only on first run through the loop
        - plugins now get a copy of the parent log for cloning
        - added --revdep, tests all CPAN reverse dependencies on the module
          you're testing
        - added prereq CPAN::ReverseDependencies for --revdep
        - Plugin::Simple v0.06 now required (fixes #28, #30)
        - documented $log as first param to a plugin (closes #35)
        - cleaned up SYNOPSIS (closes #38)
        - add tests for --args param for plugins (closes #32)
        - we now croak if there's no 't/' dir, as there'd be nothing to test
          (closes #34)
        - removed -R flag, -r was interfering. We'll figure this out later
        - cleaned up logging. By default 0 will display install/remove actions,
          all other logging needs debug 5-7 (closes #37)

1.02    2016-03-24
        - default plugin now uses cpanm for all installs, rendering the build
          system in use irrelevant (should work for distzilla) (closes #29)
        - added new --args arg to 'brewbuild', this is an aref that gets
          dereferenced and the list passed into the 'brewbuild_exec()' sub
          in each plugin
        - fixed abstract issue (closes #27)
        - removed t/11-results.t, as we don't return results anymore
        - modified logging levels

1.01    2016-03-22
        - set README to the binary, not the module... d'oh!

1.00    2016-03-22
        - removed, we now use Plugin::Simple for the plugin init work
        - BUILD_REQUIRES Mock::Sub v1.06 for testing purposes, so we can test
          without *brew installed (and if it is, we don't want to be managing
        - finally got around to implementing a near full test suite (closes #4)
        - removed version() from, not needed
        - bumped major version number now that we're tested and stable

0.06    2016-03-21
        - added '--on' param, send in a list of perl versions to run against,
          instead of the default all (closes #17)
        - renamed 'count' param to 'new', kept change for backwards
          compatibility reasons (closes #23)
        - we can now load non-installed local plugins by specifying the full or
          relative path name plus name of file to the --plugin param (closes
        - all *brew command creation moved to
          (closes #19)
        - new round of unit tests
        - added debug logging to Test::BrewBuild::BrewCommands
        - added warning in Makefile.PL and skip a bunch of tests if *brew isn't 
        - 'brewbuild' command warns with a link to the respective *brew, and
          exits if it isn't installed

0.05    2016-03-18
        - we now recognize when Module::Build is being used, as opposed
          to EUMM, and it works properly (fixes #12)
        - *brew exec commands are now loaded via a plugin architecture. Set by
          the '-p|--plugin' or an environment variable, plugin writing is
          exceptionally simplistic
        - renamed --reload arg to --remove
        - fix undef issue in if a plugin name can't be found
        - --debug param now accepts a level param (0-7) to set the level (added
          Logging::Simple as prereq)
        - remove all prereqs from Makefile.PL that are already in core
          (closes #15)
        - add prereqs that aren't in core as of v5.8 into Makefile.PL (closes
        - completely peppered the modules with various debugging level
        - added POD in Test::BrewBuild::Plugin

0.04    2016-03-16
        - testing now properly works across all installed perls
        - the exec file is now auto-generated with File::Temp, and unlinked
          after use (closes #9)
        - install now skips and warns (w/ debug) if a version it's trying to
          install is already installed (closes #8)
        - added POD for both the script and module (closes #5)

0.03    2016-03-01
        - App::cpanminus now a prereq
        - fixed issue in split in results() (fixes #6)

0.02    2016-02-23
        - implemented Object Oriented approach
        - added _test_file(), returns the test file brew will run (uses
        - added t/01-test_file.t
        - added POD (closes #3)
        - version arg now accepts multiple values (closes #1)
        - fixed defined-or to be 5.8 compatible

0.01    2016-02-23
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.