Revision history for Perl extension App::dupfind

0.172690 2017-09-26
 - Fix back-compat bug introduced when dependency Digest::xxHash updated
   its API recently, wherein one of its methods was removed, causing
   App::dupfind to fail.  Bug fixed.  Releasing as a regular dist.

0.140230-TRIAL 2014-01-22
 - Fix bug that made older Perls unable to run the executable (versions
   previous to 5.014 failed)

0.140200-TRIAL 2014-01-20
 - App::dupfind is CPAN-ready, at least as a TRIAL dist.  It now contains
   a decent test suite in addition to its script.  The documentation may
   need more finishing touches, but is quite extensive as is.

0.000001 2014-01-17
 - App::dupfind is born from from Tommy Butler's "dupfind" codebase, a
   tuned, enhanced, and extended version of the baseline reference code
   for the (Dallas/Fort Worth) Perl Mongers Winter 2013 Hackathon