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Changes for version 0.172690 - 2017-09-26

  • Fix back-compat bug introduced when dependency Digest::xxHash updated its API recently, wherein one of its methods was removed, causing App::dupfind to fail. Bug fixed. Releasing as a regular dist.

Changes for version 0.140230-TRIAL - 2014-01-22 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Fix bug that made older Perls unable to run the executable (versions previous to 5.014 failed)

Changes for version 0.140200-TRIAL - 2014-01-20 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • App::dupfind is CPAN-ready, at least as a TRIAL dist. It now contains a decent test suite in addition to its script. The documentation may need more finishing touches, but is quite extensive as is.


Detect and optionally remove duplicate files


A Composed class that provides core functionality to the app
This is the application that gets run() by $bin/dupfind
Public methods for the App::dupfind deduplication engine
Private methods supporting the App::dupfind::Common public interface
The private weeding algorithms available for use by public interface
Composed class providing seamless threading support for $bin/dupfind
Basic, abstracted implementation of map-reduce for threaded tasks
Map-reduce version of digest_dups method and worker thread for it
Map-reduce version of weed_dups, and the worker thread for it
Methods and attributes that have to be overridden when threading
Thread management logic, abstracted safely away in its own namespace