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Automatic Text Categorization
A named category of documents
Access stored documents
One document per file
Embodies a document
Coordinate experimental results
Abstract Feature Selection class
Abstract Category Selection class
ChiSquare Feature Selection class
Abstract Feature Selection class
Features vs. Values
Embodies a set of category assignments
Encapsulates set of documents
Abstract Machine Learner Class
Abstract class for boolean categorizers
Simple guessing based on class probabilities
K Nearest Neighbour Algorithm For AI::Categorizer
Naive Bayes Algorithm For AI::Categorizer
Support Vector Machine Learner
Pass-through wrapper to Weka system
Saving and Restoring State


in lib/AI/Categorizer/Collection/DBI.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/Collection/InMemory.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/Collection/SingleFile.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/Document/SMART.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/Document/Text.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/Document/XML.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/Document/XML.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/Learner/KNN.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/Learner/Rocchio.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/ObjectSet.pm
in lib/AI/Categorizer/Util.pm