rest-client - Test automation tool for restful web services


Usage: rest-client [options] command [...]

Options: -h,--help Display this usage. -V,--version Print the version of the tool. -c,--configfile=<file> Input the config file with full path. -l,--logdir=<dir> Input full path of the directory where you want to log the test results. -t,--test-load=n Test the average response time by simulating 'n' number of requests on the web server.

Commands: -r,--run-test-suite Test the configured web services defined in the config file. -g,--get-sample-config Get a sample config file to configure your web services as test suite.

***Note: By default tool uses the sample-config file. You need to get that and configure the suite.

Examples: rest-client --get-sample-config # Get sample config file for configuring web services in the current directory.

  rest-client --run-test-suite --configfile=<rest_config_file> 
                # Execute the test suite against the supplied config file. 
                # Supply the full path of config file if it is not present in current directory.

  rest-client --test-load=10 --configfile=<rest_config_file> 
                # Send parallel requests (10* number of web services configured in config file). 
                # Give average response time by simulating huge traffic in the web server.

  rest-client --run-test-suite --configfile=<rest_config_file>  --logdir=<log-directory-path>
  rest-client --test-load=10   --configfile=<rest_config_file>  --logdir=<log-directory-path>
                # Create LOG files in the path specified by executing the test cases.