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Changes for version v1.0.0

  • Karen Etheridge (ETHER++) for A::C::Nonhuman
  • Сергей Романов (SROMANOV++) for A::C::Belarusian
  • gray (GRAY) for A::C::GitHub
  • Jeen Lee (JEEN) for A::C::Korean
  • Jose Luis Martinez Torres (JLMARTIN) for A::C::Catalonian
  • Kaare Rasmussen (KAARE) for A::C::Danish
  • Robert Bohne (RBO) for A::C::German
  • Salvador Fandiño García for (SALVA) for A::C::Spanish
  • Shantanu Bhadoria (SHANTANU) for A::C::India
  • Michal Špaček (SKIM) for A::C::Czech
  • Magnus Woldrich (WOLDRICH) for A::C::Swedish


We are CPAN authors who have authored Acme::CPANAuthors modules